​I'm a planner. I LOVE planners. Planners and I have a love/hate relationship.

Posted by Elizabeth Wenig on 8th Jan 2019

I'm a planner. I LOVE planners. Planners and I have a love/hate relationship. During my (long) life I've purchased every conceivable type of planner, and, some years I make my own with scrap booking supplies and photos.

Every year about Octoberish I begin thinking about next years planner. Excitement builds in my heart; plans take shape in my head.

One year In The Leafy Treetop showed up in my search. Having just come back to the church from a lengthy Satan inspired "sabbatical" (23 years), tears stung my eyes as I read through the descriptions of your planners. I just couldn't take it all in: a planner for Latter-Day Saint women. Oh my.

When it finally came in the mail, I devoured it. A planner-junkie binge. To say I loved it is calling the moon a pebble. It was everything I dreamed of in a planner. Best of all, it had LDS scriptures!!! LDS ideals!! LDS activities!!!

Now, I'm not only a Nana, I'm a great-Nana. Meaning I have nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. Can a "mom" planner suit my life and planner-needs? YES!!!

I'm active, energetic and on-the-go. I have church callings, family responsibilities, farm chores and am launching a Women's Ministry blog Feb 1, the same day I turn 73 years old. I have lots of things to plan and track!!!

I use your pages as a launching point to make it my own. Here is a photo of a page I personalized with memories and moments I want to remember. I also make tiny tabs for extra monthly things like budget and ministering where I want quick access.

I love and appreciate your planner(s) and thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. You've created a bright and shining star in my life.

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