I wrote reminders to breathe

Posted by Susan Cheatham on 8th Jan 2019

Hi! I'm Susan, a mom to 5, a grandma to 6 and a widow of 4.5 years. My life is CRAZY! Most days I feel like I'm running from point A to point z. Between working full time, being active in my church calling and watching my kids/grands grow up, I was constantly missing appts, and knew I needed to do something. 

I was sitting in church one Sunday about 5 years ago, and my friend who was sitting in front of me pulled out this amazing planner..Without being creepy and snoopy, I tried to look over her shoulder to see what kind of planner she had. 

I had always had a day timer, but it was boring compared to the beautiful pages in her planner. It was so colorful, and had pages for church notes and quotes. I HAD to have one of these planners! 

I asked her where she got it and she gave me the link. After church I immediately when home and ordered one. I have been sold ever since. 

I love having this wherever I go. It helps me make goals and keep them. It helps me stay on task not only in my physical life but also my spiritual self as well. I had no idea just how much this book would help me when I started using it. 

About 3 months after I got this planner in my hands, I lost my hubby to a car accident. It was by far the most devastating time in my life. I remember going through what they call a widow's fog. It was as if I was in a twilight zone with no way out. I kept trying to wake myself up from this nightmare. I didn't touch my planner for weeks.....until I realized my children deserved to have a mom. I was acting as if I had died along with my husband. My children deserved to have a mom who was present. 

So I started again...only this time it was different...I was literally writing in my planner reminders to drink water (I got kidney stones a week after he passed...I realized that probably the reason I got them was because I wasn't eating or drinking enough). 

I wrote reminders to breathe, to recognize the every day tender mercies, things that normally you shouldn't have to remind yourself to do! I also started recording dreams that I had had that I didn't want to forget. 

I was slowly beginning to live again. I was amazed at how much I was able to recognize the hand of God in my every day life even with everything our family had faced.

My daughter in law is now a fellow lover of this planner. She is a mom of 4 active kids. It is perfect for busy mom! My kids and I start at the beginning of the week and go through what we have going on for the week. It is a fun way to hold a weekly family council!

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing tool! I'm a forever customer!