I was so obsessed with utilizing the magic on each page!

Posted by Emily Adams on 15th Jan 2019

I have always loved lists and goal setting. I blame it on my Father. Every Fast Sunday he would take each of my seven siblings and I aside one at a time for a Personal Priesthood Interview. He would pull out his shiny leather planner and flip it open to our notes from the previous month. For that special 15 minutes together, we would review our goals from the month before, talk about the things currently happening in my life and set goals for the following month to work on. I soon became addicted to that feeling of triumph when I could report back to my Father the things I had improved upon and the tasks I had completed. Goal setting made me feel intentional about my life and that gave me a sense of purpose and success.

As an adult, I would keep numerous journals trying to keep track of all of my goals and responsibilities, but often losing track of loose papers and feeling flustered with the sheer amount of books to juggle on limited time. Finding the Mormon Mom Planner was seriously the most exciting product I have ever come across! Just ask my husband! I ordered myself a copy three years ago for Christmas and spent half of Christmas morning, giddily poring over its beautiful pages. He called it my "Mom Crack" because I was so obsessed with utilizing the magic on each page!

This journal has changed my life as it has allowed me the freedom to condense every important aspect of my life into one gorgeous location! I love that it covers everything that is important to me as an LDS woman from Family Home Evening lesson outlining, holiday planning and of course my beloved goal setting.

The planner has also become an amazing place to preserve different memories. I utilize the blank pages at the end of each month to journal and also to keep my notes from General Conference as well as keep our family council notes and budget. I am so grateful that I have had this planner to help me keep on track with the things that matter most to me and my family. I know of at least 5 women who have ordered their own planners due to my obsession with mine and are equally thrilled with all that it has to offer.

Thank you for creating such a marvelous product that is such a blessing in the life of us Mormon Mamas trying to tackle it all one day at a time!