I was nervous about spending so much on a calendar

Posted by Shalynn Larson on 11th Jan 2019

I am 100% a write everything down girl. With my planner now everything can go all in one place that is cute, compact and able to go wherever I go. It comes to church, the grocery store and everywhere in between. 

I started doing the start today with Rachel Hollis that she talks about on her podcast but I love that I can do it directly in my own calendar/ journal that I already use for everything else. I write my gratitude every morning on one of the daily spot. It is great to start each day with gratitude and in one of the three spots available for scheduling I do this.

I love that I am able to keep track of all the things my family and myself have. So much peace of mind and just easier life having it all in one spot. It is basically my journal and I never throw it away after the year goes by because it’s the best!!! 

Every year for Christmas I get a calendar for myself. At first I was nervous about spending so much on a calendar when I had been using one I got at Target but this one is so much more. Worth every penny. 

Now with the new Come Follow Me I love that I can schedule out my lessons and everything with what my kids are learning in Church. I can write down my thoughts and impressions in the sections provided. I love the budget part each month that I can even keep track of our money. This calendar has been such a blessing in keeping me organized. 

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