I treasure each year of my planner

Posted by Laura Tripp on 9th Jan 2019

When my grandmother passed away we found years and years worth of calendars. Each calendar had become her journal. My sisters and I found days where she wrote about attending one of our band, orchestra, or choir concerts and her impressions of our performance. Some days were short "entries" other days hold a wealth of information about her daily life that we had no idea of.

I found the Mothers Who Know planner when I was looking for a way to keep 6 kid schedules, my school and work, and husbands schedule organized. I needed to track church callings and impressions, and maybe a budget and Christmas Gift ideas. This was not something a digital calendar could do, besides, I remember better when I actually write something down.

Finding the Mothers Who Know planner has been a life saver! We hold Family Council every Sunday and review schedules for work and school. I have at my fingertips addresses of my grown children that have gone off to college, all of my notes from Church, and I have even incorporated a dinner schedule that I can look back on to get those impossible dinner ideas. It has been a journal of the things life brings to our family.

The monthly quotes keep me focused on the important things, and having the Family Home Evening pages has helped me incorporate better preparation time for FHE. (I also find it motivating to color in all of the little squares for each chapter of scripture.)

My planner is not as decorated as I have seen other examples of, but my children have all watched me use it and have each learned to use their own planners to organize themselves. My request would be for a children's or teen version of the planner so my children could have one place for everything too. (Until then we make do with a generic version.)

I treasure each year of my planner, and they are all kept up high to protect them. Some day, I hope my children and grandchildren will come across them and read and remember all of the wonderful and sometimes challenging things our family experienced.