I often rely on my planner to keep me sane

Posted by Jo-Shane Yamauchi on 23rd Jan 2019

Aloha from Hawai'i!

I am truly grateful for the inspired work of others. In the Leafy Tree Top planner has not only assisted me with the organization of a VERY busy schedule (pic attached of my January --> a typical month) but it has also helped to keep me on task with prioritizing. As a mom, a wife, a student, a part-time worker, I often rely on my planner to keep me sane.

The biggest way this planner has kept me on task, however is that every month, every week and everyday, this beautiful planner reminds me that I am a daughter of an amazing Heavenly Father who ultimately teaches me to stay on task, to always prioritize and He reminds me how much I am capable of accomplishing!

The monthly quotes, the encouragements to strengthen my relationships, and the weekly spaces (which I utilize for weekly improvements and quotes) serve as great reminders to be tireless! It gives me the desire to document my happy events amidst the business of daily tasks. ...this is how I find joy in my journey.

I am often judged for the choices I make to keep such a "stressful" schedule, however I see a busy schedule as blessings. They are filled with events that create memories and I am able to document them in my lovely planner. As long as they are managed in a way that puts what is important first, schedules like these are not burdens, it is to

This is not just a planner for is a journal that documents my journey. A reminder that life is a great blessing so to not be wasted. "I am Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love it!"

Thank you for your good works and this opportunity to share my story!