I needed more

Posted by Rebecca Barlow on 15th Jan 2019

I first found the mormon mom planner just a couple of years after my oldest son was diagnosed with autism. I was struggling to keep up with all of his appointments. I was feeling lost in a sea of emails, therapists, respite workers, school meetings, etc. I had a new baby and felt like I was losing my mind. I looked at different planners but I needed more. 

I needed a place to organize my schedule but I also needed inspiration to keep going. 

I needed quotes to lift my spirit and remind me that Heaven was watching over me. 

I needed pretty designs that distracted me from difficult truths I was facing. 

I needed stickers and book marks and physical tools to help keep me on track and balanced. 

It was a very scary time for me. I was questioning everything and it seemed like I was completely alone. Honestly, that little planner held my broken pieces together for those two years. It was with me constantly. I wrote in the margins, I made notes in sacrament meeting, I planned Christmas gifts, I planned date nights. It made me feel like I had some measure of control which is what kept me going. I am really grateful. 

Things are far more stable now and I am used to the pace of my life but those first few years, this was a life saver. You may wonder as you choose different borders or uplifting quotes if what you are doing is making a real difference. I can sit here now, several years late and say that you do. Each quote was treasured. Every effort you made held one sister, far away, together. It helped her feel a little less alone and little more loved by God in an incredibly difficult situation. 

So, whether or not I win the tickets - I'm sure there are people who truly need them more than me, I'm grateful for the opportunity to say thank-you. There are thousands of autism moms and I'm sure they are all finding ways to keep it all together but your planner was mine and I'm grateful. Thank-you for getting me through the most difficult years of my life.