I LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner

Posted by Ruth Isaacson on 8th Jan 2019

One thing i noticed after i started using my planner is that things started getting done! I didn't always finish everything on my list but i was accomplishing way more than i was before. 

I have been able to prep for baby way before birth and spread out the tasks within a month before instead of rushing it all the last minute. I found my whole I life I started learning how to plan better. And things go so much smoother when I use my planner each day then when I don't because each day is planned, I remember the small things (that I otherwise would have forgotten), and the things that are most important in life I'm able to plan and progress more with those instead of letting things get in the way each day. 

In short I LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner! I misplaced my planner for a month last year and my word I felt LOST. I wondered how I used to do it without one, I felt like I couldn't manage my life. And was so relieved when I found it! Thank you for making my life run smoother. Being a mom of 3 it makes a huge difference!

One thing I did change on my planner, because it seemed a little to thick for me to carry the whole year with me all the time and seemed to fill my whole purse Is I ordered the unbound version and split mine into 3 planners (3 semesters). I love the difference! It works perfect for me. And am able to bring it everywhere I need without a hassle. And is also a lot lighter in weight. Thank you again!