I jokingly Googled "Help for overwhelmed Mormon mom to get organized"

Posted by Lisa Adair on 11th Jan 2019

I am a (relatively) recent convert to the church. I was baptized, at 42 in 2014. At the time, I was a single mother of two children aged 7 and 3 (My 7 year old is autistic). EVERYTHING was new to me. The Word of Wisdom, scripture reading, Family Home Evening and Visiting and Home Teaching. And I won't even get into the logistics of being 42, having two kids and trying to find "a nice Mormon man" who is in his 40's and single in Tennessee.

I was so thirsty for the gospel that I wanted to JOIN EVERYTHING!!! I wanted ALL THE CALLINGS!!!! I wanted to feed ALL THE MISSIONARIES!!!! I wanted to have THE BEST FAMILY HOME EVENINGS. I wanted to visit teach ALL OF THE SISTERS!!!!! Of course, I had to be gently reminded that there is a season for everything and as a mother of young children, I needed to realize that I couldn't do ALL things. (I think that is sweet sister talk for "Hey lady....take it down a notch, eh?)

After about two years of work, school, therapy sessions for the 7 year old, and new church responsibilities, (including now, Primary Teacher) I added a new husband (Probably the one and only NORMAL "Good Mormon Man" in his 40's living in Tennessee!!!!) and a step-daughter with an active after school activity life. I needed to get my poop in a group.

I jokingly Googled "Help for overwhelmed Mormon mom to get organized". I'm not kidding you...maybe 4 links down was an LDS Living article for "The Mormon Mom Planner". I swear... if Google doesn't have it, you don't need it!!!

In one planner I could, calmly and easily, (two words I was NOT used to using) plan things like my visiting teaching, Family Home Evenings, track my scripture reading, plan Primary lessons, and of course, keep a calendar. I wish I had a picture of my first planner, but I promise you, it was well-used and much loved.

For my 2018 planner, I chose the cover with one of my favorite Bible verses: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". I leave it on my desk at work and must look at that verse several times a day. Just that alone gets me through the busiest and most stressful parts of my day. But because I work a 40 hour week with an hour commute each way, being organized is a MUST.

My planner and the Gospel are pretty much the two things that keep me sane, organized, calm and able to do all the things that Heavenly Father would have me do. Thank you so much for this planner. It really has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I recommend it to EVERYONE who asks me about it.