I feel so much more happy when I’m accomplishing things

Posted by Cheyenne Brown on 9th Jan 2019

I feel like this planner has made a difference in my life by holding me more accountable. I have used other planners but never felt like I loved using them. The Mormon mom planners fit my lifestyle so perfectly so I actually use it and it helps me to be more accountable for what I have planned.

Since I have started planning I have noticed how much more positive and happy I have been. Every week I have wrote out 4 goals to accomplish everyday: reading scriptures, journaling, taking time to do something for myself, and serving my husband. When I’m accomplishing my goals I’m so much happier and I love being able to check off the days in my planner so i know where I need to improve.

Planning my day out helps me to accomplish so much more. I feel so much more happy when I’m accomplishing things. In our home we make a plan for each day of what we have going on which has really helped us to communicate better which helps our home be happier.

I’m a new mom to a little 2 month old girl! A lot of the time i question if I even know what I’m doing, and sometimes I don’t. I have faced a lot of feeling like people were judging me for the way I was doing something. I have had to remind myself time after time that I’m doing the best I can and my little one is happy and that’s really all the matters. She makes everything worth it and being a mom is the greatest calling I have ever had. I love being a mom and I love all the lessons I am learning! All the good and even the bad lessons! 

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