I feel like this planner was made exactly for me

Posted by Rebecca Eveland on 28th Jan 2019

I have always used planners since high school, but I never seem to find the planner that is just right and therefore stop using them out of frustration and well, CHAOS in-sues. Being a wife, mom of 3, an Administrative Assistant at a University, and sometimes event planner, I have found myself juggling many hats and often forgetting things. 

The mom on the go planner has structure but also enough freedom to make it your own and put what you need in the blanks. For example on the weekly layout most people would see the 3 sections in each day as (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) In my planner I use it as (Work/Family/Other) This makes it where I can see if there are conflicts between Family time and work scheduling. 

Also "Other" lumps in all the random things of life like worship practice, PTA meeting, event planning, etc. In the Month layout with (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week4) lists I use it for my grocery shopping list. Each week I can see what I bought the previous weeks and not accidentally over buy or not remember when the last time was that I bought the essentials like toilet paper. :) 

Wearing all the hats that I do, I feel like this planner was made exactly for me and the name Mom on the Go, describes it well. I love how much this planner has freed up my mind of just remembering things and actually getting to focus on things that are more meaningful. I also love that each month the front page pushes me to think about others in my life and what I can do for them!

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