I couldn't believe what I was missing.

Posted by Ruth Kent on 8th Jan 2019

Imagine the soul crushing pressure of having 3 kids, working out as a substitute teacher, deciding to sign up for online school(full time non the less), and then finding out you're pregnant. Being busy wasn't even close to how I was or what I was going through.

Not only that but I was just assigned being in charge of getting a monthly activity together for all the other women of my church. Overwhelmed was an understatement.

I knew that if I got myself organized I could do it. This was possible, but how to even begin getting this job done?

While I was at my sister-in-law's she was looking through this cute spiral bound planner. She showed me what it was and I thought it looked so cute, but the question was, would I use it? After seeing her's I thought I saw them every where. I saw them at church and PTO meetings.

I remember using a planner in Highschool... because it was mandatory, but the thought never occurred to me again.

I started feeling like I was falling apart. I had morning sickness like crazy, the kids started a music group and I couldn't keep up with what days they were going, My youngest was in half day Kindergarten and I decided to switch off days with mom's but had embarrassingly forgotten it was my day a couple of times, I couldn't remember all the assignments I needed to do and when tests were. That was only a small portion of my crumbling world. I had never in my life has so much stress. I was staring at the face of an impossible mountain of un-organization and stress.

It wasn't until my twin sister said that she had found one of the most useful organizers she had ever seen. She had just started going back to school also and had found a way to stay organized. She mentioned the Mormon Mom Planner. I said that I had heard of that and after all her praises and her peer pressure of buying it, I gave in. I bought the planner in the middle of February. I couldn't believe what I was missing. Everything in that planner was an answer to my prayers.

Not only was the calendar full of the cute leafy tree top stickers by the time I was done, but I was able to schedule time for studying, prepare for easter and birthdays, keep my doctor appointments in order along with parent pick up days, but I also was able to have moments of inspiration and encouragement from all of the quotes and scriptures in my planner.

I think I found myself again, as successful mom, wife, and student. I can never thank all those over at In The Leafy Tree Tops for helping God answer my prayers. What felt impossible is now possible.

Thank you!