I can’t survive without it!

Posted by Carra Goold on 8th Jan 2019

4 years ago when I first got this planner my schedule was far simpler. I loved it then because it helped remind me about visiting teaching, helped me make goals, gave me a place to jot it all down. 

4 years later... I can’t survive without it! It’s still helping me the same as it was then, but it’s become so much more! I fill it with my hopes, dreams, keep all my kids straight! The section for kids helps me plan how to celebrate my angel baby’s birthday. Helps me game plan meal plans, plan vacations, keep track of my husbands needs and wants! 

Years ago I used to joke with my friends you had older kids that I was seriously bored… That I couldn’t believe their schedules are so full that they couldn’t even fold laundry. As the years of gone by my schedule has gotten more and more full with more and more church responsibilities and PTA luncheons. Having normal family responsibilities is one thing. But adding church callings and other responsibilities adds another level. I don’t know how other women make it work without their Mormon mom planner! It’s a lifesaver.

Now my husband knows that buying my planner is a top priority. This year I even got together with a bunch of my friends to buy them together. It was fun to see how many people love this planner like I do. There is a whole in the leafy tree tops planner club! And I am a proud member.