I can put everything in my planner!!!

Posted by Desiree Laughery on 9th Jan 2019

I've been only using my planner for a few months now! But so far I love it!! It has definitely changed my life and has definitely helped my life! 

I am the type of person who likes to write everything down but it's always been in multiple notebooks but not anymore,I can put everything in my planner!!! 

The Christmas part, oh my word helped me so much! I was able to to keep track of my budget & write down everything from who I was buying for to what I was getting, even enough room for stockings!! Which was a truly a blessing for me!! 

One of my favorites though is how at the beginning of each month there's a page on how to strengthen my relationships & to me that's such an encouragement & helps me to remember to pray for those people & to better my relationships with them!! Because of some of the business the holidays brings, I had forgotten to write some important events down for my kids,I forgot about them,I even forgot about 2 of my nephew's birthdays, cause I didn't write them down,I felt like such a horrible person, to me that was a huge deal that I failed them ☹️