I can focus on the important things now

Posted by Lexie Elieson on 15th Jan 2019

How has my planner made a difference in my life? Well, before I found it I felt like my life was a hot mess all the time! We kind of did things a little backwards and got married at SEVENTEEN!! Then a couple months later got pregnant with out first child, then second , then third, and then college! 

During all of that time i didn’t really even have time to take a breath, let alone figure out how to fit everything else in. I swear this planner is my magic book/key to success at life! Ever since I found it I can actually figure things out! 

Sometimes life gets so busy that you just forget about the simple things, and this planner reminds you to do those things! I actually do meal planning now and go dates with my husband!! I write my kids cute little sayings down, I can focus on the important things now!! If you want to know a little secret, my husband uses it to!!!