I am SOLD for LIFE!

Posted by Jennifer Asher on 11th Jan 2019

So....I’ve always been a little obsessed with planning, writing things down, making my lists, marking things off my lists and keeping myself organized with color-coded pens and handwritten calendars! Love them! I’ve tried in the past to “Get with the times” and use electronic calendars and event schedules but it’s just not the same for me...especially now that I have 4 girls (who have busier social lives than me), church events, meals to plan, work schedule, not to mention my husbands unpredictable LEO lifestyle!!

I would not be able to keep up or stay sane without writing it all down in my Mom-on-the-Go Planner!! I have used planners in the past that have worked okay. They have gotten the job done but I’ve had to either spend a ridiculously embarrassing amount of money for the extra pages to customize it just the way I want it OR add makeshift notebooks and post-it notes all over my planner in order to provide all my needs! With my NEW planner, the extra pages...OMG!! I couldn’t believe it! I seriously have more than I could possibly ever imagine! From meals and groceries to endless Christmas and birthday planning! I am SOLD for LIFE! Not only is it the best in functionality but it is beautiful to look at and so much fun to use!!

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product that is truly making my life easier, not only in my day-to-day planning but in setting and achieving my personal goals and making myself a priority in my crazy busy life!

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