​I am a scatter brain, so planners are my JAM!!

Posted by Heather Anderson on 8th Jan 2019

I am a scatter brain, so planners are my JAM!! I am completely lost without some form of planner, but when I started using the Mothers Who Know planner, my life changed. I was able to plan out meals better, keep track of different activities for kids, know what schedule the husband was working, and plan my monthly ministering.

I love the scripture tracking pages, this has helped my family (especially my kids) keep track of our scripture reading together. Budgeting was also a huge thing for my husband and I this year and so far the budgeting pages are my life saver. It's so easy to put the receipts in my planner and then when I have a spare minute go and write everything down.

One other thing that I have really loved is the little areas on each week of the planner to "remember this:", the blank spaces to write little sayings; I've gotten some pretty cute pictures from my daughter in those and have also loved writing my weekly mantra in those places. There is just so many little details in the planner that help make my day better and my life go by a lot easier.

As a mom, you've got to be prepared for anything and everything that may come your way: and knowing what you already have planned will make having to adjust a lot easier. Seeing my week and month planned out makes it easier for me as a mom to take a deep breath, and then say, "Bring it on!"