How the planner influenced my life

Posted by Chaun Jacobs on 9th Jan 2019

This is the story of how this planner has influenced my life:

One of my favorite things about these planners is the family section. I love keeping track of all the usual things in my life, but also having a direct reference to the kids’ and home needs right in my purse! I love the thoughtful sections about what I can do to deepen my relationships with each child, and then the fun parts like contributing to the ongoing list of kid birthday party and gift ideas.

I also appreciate the colors and decoration of this planner. All of my previous planners have been black and white, and sometimes that makes me feel stifled when checking the day’s events. With the Leafy Tree Top planners though, on a bad day, I can open up to the artwork and feel happier, just by looking at my productivity list written around bright colors.

Finally, I enjoy the sections to keep updated with my ministering sisters. I love having a dedicated spot to remember their birthdays, needs, etc, right in the planner I keep in my purse at all times. It’s handy to pull out at the grocery store to check if there’s something I can grab for one of my families. It’s also been really handy to have right there to remember to check in on a birthday for one of my ministering ladies.

Thanks Leafy Tree Tops for helping me feel organized beyond the normal everyday to dos of my life!