How the heck do I get everything done?!

Posted by Amy Allred on 11th Jan 2019

I can not say enough about how this planner helps me! My planner holds my secrets, helps me relive the good and bad every year, has helped me eliminate the need for a journal and (oh ya!) helps me keep my life in order. 

Since I started using my planner, my anxiety over schedules and conflicts has decreased immensely. I don’t forget things and I don’t have to rely on technology to maintain my routine. Phone calendars are great but for me there’s something about putting a pen to paper that can not be beat. 

My planner has also helped me organize the part of my brain with OCD tendencies. Every person has their color, each week has a theme and every crazy idea in my head has a place. I have found that when I don’t use my planner, nothing gets done. It’s almost as if my brain requires the ability to cross out my to do list in order to have any motivation. 

My planner also serves as my journal. It holds the good times like vacation memories and photos. It also has preserved the bad. The date of my miscarriage is forever engrained on super bowl Sunday, 2013. It also holds a card full of healing words from my very best friend on that awful week’s pages. We can’t have the good without the bad so I’m grateful for all of the times my planner has allowed me to preserve, including the heartbreaking ones.

My number one challenge I deal with as a mom is How the heck do I get everything done?! Even though my to do list is never close to done, my planner helps me pretend like I’ve got it all together. On those rare occasions when I do get stuff done, my planner is right there waiting for me, ready for me to cross one thing off and add ten more.