How are the two new planners (Go and Do and Little Planner) unique?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

We have added the 'Little Planner' and the 'Go and Do' planner as new options this year. 

This graphic will help illustrate how these two new planners fit in the lineup:

In addition to the re-designs of the existing planners we have added the two new planners at the bottom.

The goal is to provide a more compact and portable option that is still cute and functional. I feel like we have succeeded.

The Go and Do planner at 224 pages is just .5" thin (this is without the pockets and cover). That's half the size of the Mom on the Go planner.

But it still contains all of the pages that help you keep your life organized - and that you won't find anywhere else. 

The Little Things planner is similar to the Go and Do in that it's compact and powerful, but it has a few more pages for LDS specific content, like the Sunday curriculum pages and the 'Home Centered learning' pages.

These planners represent our most affordable and portable planners. 

Part of the cost savings and thinness is achieved by NOT having separate tabbed divider sheets. Instead, each of these planners includes a sheet of self-adhesive tabs

As an added benefit you can attach the sticker tab to the sheet you would like to be able to turn to most often. So you can attach the tab to the monthly calendar, or the matrix - whichever one you would prefer to access easier or more often.

Both of these planner include the following pages as part of each monthly section: 

  • a monthly calendar
  • the 'to-do' and budget page
  • the Matrix
  • note pages

The Little Planner also includes pages for the 'Come Follow Me' curriculum and pages for Home Centered Learning.