Hopefully they will feel the memories

Posted by Trista Rich on 15th Jan 2019

I was an elementary teacher for 10 years. I taught first, then sixth and ended in second. Second grade was me Favorite! I Loved the Academic Planner because for me, my year was from August through July! I loved that I could fit my whole school year in one book. I used it for meetings, and for personal use as well so it was all in one place. 

I decided to not teach this year and I am at home with my babies, waitressing a little here and there. Now I use the Mormon mom planner. I am a firm believer in keeping a journal and I have kept one for years, since I was a little girl. I use my planner as a life journal. The weekly part is for me to write down little things my kids do, feelings and thoughts I have, places we go and see, first steps and lost teeth. 

Hopefully one day my kids will read back through my “journals” (planners) and hopefully they will feel the memories and warm feelings will spark. It is our little families history in the now. I love to read the spiritual says through to lift me up and brighten my day. I also love to use the Christmas section to keep my gifts written down and ideas for gifts that pop up. It really helps me keep a financial handle on our Christmas. Thank you for such beautifully designed planners that help save our disorganized, crazy lives!