“Go get mom’s planner. It will have the information.”

Posted by Shanni Call on 11th Jan 2019

I have always loved having a planner. When I discovered this planner I was at a transitional period in my life. I started back to work and was looking for something that would encompass my personal life, family life, church life and work life. I wanted somewhere I could write my to-do lists and my personal thoughts. This planner keeps me on task and allows me to set goals for myself with a place to keep them and are readily available for quick reference.

By far, out of all the systems I have used, this planner system is my favorite. It makes me happy. The thoughts and quotes are inspiring. I love how I feel as it sits on my desk at work keeping me on task. I love hearing the kids say, “Go get mom’s planner. It will have the information.” I love using it for reflection on the past week and making notes of my thoughts and feelings about the events listed.

I love to look forward to something in life. We love to travel. This planner has been used to plan vacations and then gone on the vacation. The vacation page is helpful and comprehensive. Of course, when planning vacations, you must plan financially. The budget section helps me to prepare for the vacation while staying on track every month with our regular bills.

Lastly, planning for the holidays, while working full time, requires a lot of plan ahead and task orientation. The section in the planner to plan for holidays is awesome and contributes to successful events and activities.

I love my planner!