For my sister

Posted by Teresa Arrwood on 8th Jan 2019

I would like to win these tickets for my sister. She is a single mon and has two boys. Both are now in the military. One is stationed in Korea and the other is in Tennessee. She is on a limited income due to a disability. I would love to be able to take her to TN to see one of her sons.

She has always sacrificed for her boys and made sure they had all they needed in school. She encouraged them to play sports (although it cost her dearly). She has raised two very fine young men. They both are progressing through the ranks in the military.

Over the years, I have mostly been the one to give them vacations. I would take them with my husband and myself on our family vacations.

I am now retired and recently widowed. I would really enjoy being able to travel with her. These boys mean a lot to me.

I have two grown children of my own who live near me. I am very fortunate to have that and the assurance of my needs being taken care of by them if the occasion should arise.

I am a pet mom now. I have a rescued chihuahua mix. He is a very sweet dog and is now my cuddle buddy since my husband's death.

I would recommend your products to anyone. I love the planners and the sticker sets. They are so cute and very handy.

Thanks for your wonderful products.