Fits my life

Posted by Loney Lundgreen on 11th Jan 2019

I've always loved using a planner, but it never seemed to fit my life, especially being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I would buy them from a store and try to personalize them, but it never seemed to fit me. 

When I ordered my first planner, I was delighted to find a planner that helped me remember to be better at my prayers, my scripture study, reading or listening to conference talks, and getting my visiting teaching done. It also helped me with my lesson plans for teaching Sunday school and Family Home Evening. I love the Christmas and birthday planning pages, the budget pages are great, and the blank pages I can use during General conference have been great because they can all be kept in one place. 

But the best thing is that it helped encourage me to learn more about my Sunday school students, about the sisters I visit and minister to, and best of all, what inspires me! I feel like it has helped me be more engaged with everyone I teach or visit, with my family, and helped me set goals and actually keep them, and is helping me leave a life story for my posterity that they'll love and cherish. I take it along on vacations and make notes and then come home and write about it in my journal. That way I can spend time while on vacation with my family and not spend too much time away from them writing about the important parts of our trip. 

I put little notes about the important experiences in my life along with my schedule and someday my children and grandchildren will be able to actually see what my days were like and what was the most important to me. 

Thanks so much for these beautiful planners and the difference they've made in my life!