Everything I need all in one place

Posted by Becky Clayton on 30th Jan 2019

I love my planner!! The planner has greatly impacted my life. It has helped me stay organized and to make sure I don't forget where I am supposed to be and what my kids are supposed to be doing. I love tracking my workouts and appointments and seeing my whole week laid out in front of me. It helps prevent brain fog!

I love using it as a memory keeper also and recording important events from the year.

I love the planning matrix spread for meal planning and grocery list making. Then I can look back at other months for meal ideas as well.

I chose In the leafy treetops for my planner because it has everything I need all in one place! I appreciate the LDS specific pages to help my family and myself reach our spiritual goals. The Home and family section is the absolute best for managing 7 kids, a husband, and a household. Being able to keep track of everyone's clothing and shoe sizes and their favorites is so helpful. Also, planning out monthly date nights and making birthday plans helps keep my marriage strong.

The vacation planning pages are so helpful! Planning meals for our trip helps stay in budget and all the categories make sure we don't forget anything we need!

I love the House of Order page to help keep all our household chores to get accomplished. I like keeping track of big projects and small chores that may get forgotten! The best planner out there!