Every year for Christmas I order your planner

Posted by Brianne Wheelwright on 8th Jan 2019

Every year for Christmas I order your planner. I absolutely fell in love with it, I am a huge planner and I love to keep them as journals too. I have my stack of previous years that I love looking through. 

Lately it has been great for me because I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past October at the age of 32. We have six boys and luckily we recently moved back to Utah to be closer to family. What a huge blessing! 

In my planner I am able to keep track of everything from appointments to symptoms to questions for my doctor and beyond. I can keep my head clearer when chemo brain is in full swing and I can’t remember some of the simplest things. 

After chemo, I will have surgery (probably a double mastectomy and reconstruction) and then radiation. We’re hoping to be done by the time summer hits. My husband and I would love to go on a vacation to reconnect and relax. We have been through every emotion imaginable since October. My prognosis is good but 1/4 in my situation won’t make it five years. He has been so amazing through all of this. He even shaved my head for me. More than once actually, some hairs were too stubborn and kept growing. He is with me every Monday at chemo for our chemo date. And starting today he gets to give me shots. I would love to do this for him. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for the amazing planner that is keeping me organized.