Every time I open it, I smile

Posted by Angela Burton on 11th Jan 2019

I get a planner every year. EVERY YEAR. I use it diligently for about 3 months. Then diligently for about, hmmmmm, well I just don't after that. This planner is DIFFERENT! I mean, really really DIFFERENT!!! It encompasses alllll walks of my day, week, and month! Plus..... IT'S SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought one for my best friend, Jenn, who has been drooling over them for the past 2 years. She was sooooo excited! We are so much alike that I got us the same cover design, but got her the Mothers Who Know planner. She still has children ranging from high school to infancy. So yes, she's much busier than I am and my college aged daughter..... well yes, she just asked me to buy one for her today.