Does anyone really have all their chickens in row?

Posted by Trudy Newey on 8th Jan 2019

Is it just me or do we all need a little help when it comes to running a home/family? 

Does anyone really have all their chickens in row?

I am usually a hot mess when it comes to organization, but this planner turned a lot of that around for me! 

I was a SAHM with small children and too many things happening. We had recently moved to our first home in a new city. I was trying to build a cake business and was very busy with new clients. I was put into a RS calling that was very demanding and had many responsibilities that were all new to me. My kids were in a new school in a dual emersion program that had extra homework and needs. I was also put into the PTA and a class room mom. 

I was stretched so thin and couldn't keep up with everything that was going on. A friend showed me her mormon mom planner and I fell in love!

It had spaces for everything and let me could categorize events and service and my business all in order of time and importance. I found a spot to helped organize my monthly dinner plans that lead to a more organized grocery list with little effort. I remembered important events and could plan our family trips, medical appointments and special celebrations. I could go to sleep more readily knowing I had my next day planned out. 

I could turn off my brain and get the rest I (we all) so desperately need because I knew I wasn't forgetting anything. It made back to school and Christmas planning a breeze. I love that you can make it work just for your specific needs, no matter how busy you may be.

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