Did you see our cameo?

Posted by Melinda on 7th Jan 2019

Two hour church is officially a thing. (Wasn't that great yesterday? Did it feel shorter? Easier? Or were your under-impressed?)

And so is the new 'Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families'. 

I love this quote from Elder Holland about the real reason behind all of these changes: 

"Whatever changes [the Lord] directs in an organization or a schedule or a curriculum, what He’s really hoping to change is you and me. He wants to change our hearts and enhance our future."

The Church emailed out a video on Saturday about the new curriculum and one of our eagle-eyed customers noticed that we had a cameo - can you see it?

Spoiler alert...here is the answer:

That's right, she is using the Sunday pages in her planner to study and prepare for teaching her children.

What a great idea, right?

How do you use your Sunday pages? Leave a comment below and let us know?

One other question...what does your family call your extra special scripture study session on Sunday? It's kind of 'family night, but not really. Do you just go with good old 'family scripture study' or do you call it something else?

Let me know -