Best self investment

Posted by Leslie Howard on 9th Jan 2019

First off I am a mother of four (pregnant w/#5) I have enjoyed the tools of self reflection, self improvement this planner offers. As well as keeping me on top of daily chores, family home evening, holiday plans and some extra room for to write notes and ideas for my callings at church. Beautifully set up planner, pages are so smooth I find I write more in it recording my day. I use the block system [Jordan Page on youtube] and it works great with the vertical columns I label to customize each week. I use the space at the bottom of each day for dinner plans.

I love the empty lined calendar layout at the end of the month, I’ve started using it for our new scripture study the ‘come follow me’ program. But in the past I’ve used it to stay on top of workouts, love seeing the progress on paper. I’ve also used this same spread for recording our homeschool day I have three kids school age. It’s been so helpful to keep all of my thoughts in one place. Family, homeschool, church, personal goals in a beautiful space with inspirational quotes and motivation. 

I have loved this planner so much I have gifted it to my sister who is bought it year after year, a fun topic to chat about how we love our planners and use them. 

This last Christmas I gave it to a very close friend and can’t wait to see how it improves days with three small boys. I’m not so good with journaling so this planner really is an important part of my personal history. Best self investment, I look forward to using one each year.