Being a mom is a tricky balance

Posted by Kim Sabin on 8th Jan 2019

I have loved using my new planner. I am so much more organized with family, church calling, activities, fitness, school work, and my doula business.

Before I felt like a complete mess. If only I would have known about this great planner sooner. I was a Primary President the past three years and this planner could have helped me so much. I share it with everyone now.

So far this year I have been able to finish a certification, helped birth a baby, staying on top of home life, my kids are happier because I don’t forget about appointments, activities, or sports anymore. I also know what is going on in my calling as well.

I love how this planner is church based. My family has never been big on FHE or Family counsel but this has made things easy and we have had the spirit in our home so much more. Thank you

Being a mom is a tricky balance between being busy doing things and being present with your children and husband. 

I have been working really hard this year to Embrace the moments and enjoy everything big and little thing that happens in our family. I feel like for years I have always wanted to go, go, go. Now looking back on that I feel like I missed out on ceasing the moment. 

It was a huge eye opener when we took our children to Disneyland for the first time this year. Their joy and excitement was so amazing to see. At that moment I pledged to never take another minute for granted again with them.

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