​Because of this planner...

Posted by Melisa Keenan on 8th Jan 2019

Because of this planner, last year we actually held family council consistently for the first time ever!!!! I would keep notes throughout the month in the planner and then we actually remembered what we wanted to talk about! It has been such a blessing to our family!

It also helped me keep track of family home evening and actually plan for it more often instead of just deciding what to do like 10 mins before doing it. That helped our kids to engage more in the activities and ultimately strengthened their testimonies.

I used the main pages to keep track of appointments, pick up and drop off, extra curricular and meals. I used the list on the side for a running grocery list.

I used some of the other formatted pages to keep track of chores that needed to be accomplished each day, and each week.

I bought stickers and washi tape and would decorate the pages and do my "spiritual" planning for the week on Sunday's. I never knew that planning could be so much fun. I am normally not a planner and have resisted schedules as much as possible. But this even made meal planning fun.

I love the holiday pages and use them to keep track of gifts and etc. for Christmas. I start taking notes when my kids start talking about their birthdays at random times throughout the year. I love the attention to detail where theres even dinner hosting pages and everything.

I especially love the page at the front of each month that helps me intentionally plan how I will strengthen my relationships with the people in my life and God. I normally would fill that out during fast and testimony meeting, pondering and praying to know what each person needs in my life.

I seriously love the mormon mom planner and I have shared it with all my friends and family. I am a life coach, I work from home and keeping track of all these things in my life has helped me balance mom/wife/business owner and keep my priorities straight ♡

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