All of my important information at my fingertips

Posted by Stephanie Mielbeck on 15th Jan 2019

Last year, I was given the gift of organization from a sister in my ward. I was gifted this amazing planner that not only helps keep my schedule organized but keeps everything right at the palm of my hands. Lately, that planner has been an absolute blessing. As a federal employee, this month has been particularly trying. My family has been living in uncertainty about finances and when I will be paid and how we are going to stay ahead of our financial obligations.

I use my planner to keep all of my important information at my fingertips! I have a breakdown of my monthly budget to follow and see what can be spared right now as we are trying to get by on less. I am able to keep all my contacts and appointments in order and, unfortunately, know what appointments have to be canceled due to financial stress and who to call to make those cancellations. Financially, this planner has helped me become more organized than anything I have ever tried in the past and I feel more secure with knowing exactly where we are, financially and where we need to work harder to improve.

In other aspects, I am stronger and more organized as well. I absolutely love the scripture tracking portion. I am able to stay up to date and have a physical reminder when I am falling behind on my scripture reading and am able to see areas in my spiritual life where I need to make improvements and where I would like to grow and become stronger. I love that at the beginning of each month, there is a page dedicated to strengthening relationships. Every month, I am able to make a dedicated plan and have it in writing on how I intend to improve and maintain relationships. This has been a huge blessing to my family and my marriage. We often think of things we need to or can do to improve and strengthen our relationships but often let those goals and plans fall by the wayside because we are not organized with keeping our focus where it needs to be.

I don't want to sound dramatic but I also don't want to downplay how significant this planner has been in my life. I love this planner. It has changed my life. So much so that I have purchased 5 planners that I intend to give to other sisters in my ward that could use the same help that was given to me last year. (Technically 4 to give away because one is definitely staying right here at home!)

Thank you In The Leafy Treetops, for making such a wonderfully organized and beautifully put together planner!