A sigh of relief

Posted by Jennifer Loveland on 9th Jan 2019

I started out knowing I would love the planner and I planned to my hearts content, which wasn't as much as it is now. Then a few months after I received my first planner for a birthday gift, I had my sixth child. Life was chaos for a while and my poor planner sat on the counter gathering dust while I nursed, comforted, rocked my sad little baby many hours a night, changed diapers, homeschooled, made simple meals, washed and dried the laundry, but never got it put away for about six months. I told myself I just didn't have time to plan. 

But at the peak of the chaos, I decided it was high time to I put my planner into action. I began to plan the simple things first; meal planning, what I wanted my life to be like and putting my inner most thoughts out in just a few sentences. I used the lined pages as a journal to write about the milestones my baby was reaching, the blessings I could see in my life, and I began to feel a little more organized, especially in my head. I knew when I ran out of months, I would be forking out whatever the planner cost because it gives me so much peace. 

I can put all the things in my head in my planner and then I can take a sigh of relief. My house may still be cluttered, but my mind is not. The less my mind is cluttered, the more I can focus on uncluttering other areas of my life.