A regular planner just didn't seem to cut it anymore

Posted by Jenn Speer on 11th Jan 2019

The first planner I got was a gift for my twenty first birthday !! I was a nanny and the mom had a Franklin Covey planner. I drooled over that glorious book, so much so, she got me my very own!! (Before that I just used a wall calendar.) I have been hooked ever since!! 

As I became a mom and life got busier and busier a regular planner just didn't seem to cut it anymore! I couldn't keep everyone's to do lists straight!! 

Then five years ago I came across In The Leafy Tree Tops website. There was the mother load of planners, The Mormon Mommy Planner!! I knew I needed it! My amazing husband ordered it for me for Christmas. I remember it arriving. I knew what it was. I knew it was my Christmas present. I knew it was NOT Christmas. I ripped that baby open any way!! I was so excited!! (yes, my family made fun of me!) 

Every year since I do the same thing!! Except this year when I actually bought it in A STORE!! I feel like my planner is my best friend, and until I recently when came across the group on Facebook, In the Leafy Treetops Fan Group, I thought I was the only crazy one!! 

I can not tell you how happy this planner makes me!! I have many friends that use it now (to bad the rewards program wasn't available back then, I would have got mine for free) Every year when I get my new one it is the same excitement as when I got my first one!! 

My family just shakes their head knowing they wont see me for awhile because "we" need to bond. This planner keeps me on track, in the know, motivated and connected to my family and friends. It is also my creative outlet and journal. My children even enjoy writing their favorite memories and stories in it. They will be with us forever!!

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