A positive little book to have at my side at all times

Posted by Tana Williams on 8th Jan 2019

Before planning I was very proud if myself that I could keep all dates, times, and meetings in my head. I had two kids and thought I could take on the world. Well........then I became pregnant with my 3rd. Lol. 

I had prego brain left and right, I couldn't remember a single thing so I talked to my friend who raved about her planner. I didn't use it at first, I didn't know how, really. So the first planner I got had a few writings in it. Just a few. By the time I had my daughter I was ready for more. I wrote down everything (and I had more to write down). 

Fast forward 3 years, I am now pregnant with number 4 and I write/look in my planner every day. My kids have so many activities and I love how I can divide the day to fit their schedules. 

I don't miss important dates and important dr appointments. I love the heat in review at the back as well. I get to see what we accomplished, what struggles we had, and what happy memories we shared. 

My friends are always coming up to me asking what kind of book I have, and i have hooked my mother in law on them. Its something that we have in common now and talk about a lot. 

Silly thing to say but these planners have brought be closer to her, kept my mind on track and at ease, and has been a positive little book to have at my side at all times. Thanks In The Leafy Treetops!