A planner that simplifies our crazy lives

Posted by Becka Cotter on 9th Jan 2019

Hi my name is Becka Cotter! Before I discovered in the leafy tree tops I would make plans, budgets, meal plans, grocery lists, etc on all these random pieces of paper and would loose them and never stick to it! My aunt showed me her Mormon mom planner and I was sold! I got my first planner (even though I didn’t have kids) and it has been incredible! It’s basically become my journal, and my world! I can’t go anywhere without it!

My husband and I struggled with infertility for many years and with that comes LOTS AND LOTS of tracking! I was able to list medications, appointments create a budget and stick to it and so much more all in one place! We are now expecting our miracle baby and it’s been so fun to use the planner to track appts due dates and make plans.

When people see me use it, without fail the first question is why not just use your phone....

then I show them all the tools, quotes and how you can see it all so easy they are sold! Thank you for creating a planner that simplifies our crazy lives.

If I won this giveaway my husband and I would use it to have a baby moon to celebrate the wonderful journey we are on. It would mean the world to us. Thank you again for the planners you put out and for your giveaway! I am a loyal costumer for life!!!