A life-changing, wonderful, and gorgeous planner

Posted by Vienna Kagak on 8th Jan 2019

Before this planner I would go and find printables for all of my family’s important information, but it always came in 8x11”, which wasn’t very portable. I tried using a 7x9” planner, but never could get all my information in one spot. 

I spent so much time and money on decorating, and trying to make the back notebook pages work but it was never enough! 

The Mom On the Go planner has everything I need, and it’s already so gorgeous that I don’t spend much time at all decorating! I just place a few stickers here and there, and they are the stickers I ordered from In the Leafy Treetops so they match perfectly, it makes my heart sing! 

Since using this planner, I my house is more clean, and I have all my family’s important medical information in one spot. I like having a place to put everyone’s sizes, it’s nice to flip back and remember how cute and small everyone was! 

I also love the sections at the beginning of every month that help me be more intentional with all my relationships, including God. 

The more I use my planner, the more my life seems to “fall into place”. I’ve already convinced friends to order one! I plan on buying this product for years to come, thank you for developing such a life-changing, wonderful, and gorgeous planner! God bless all the staff at In the Leafy Treetops! I hope this experience has been as wonderful for you as it has been for me.