A journal of my life

Posted by Taresha Salinas on 28th Jan 2019

I use my planner to keep my life straight and peaceful. I have spine issues and have had 4 spine surgeries in 4 years. I have 4 children ages 22, 17, 14, and 10. Try keeping all their plans straight. One in College, one in High School, one in Middle school, one in Elementary. All 4 have anxiety, and ADHD with weekly and bi-weekly appointments. 

Last April my 17 year old son became suicidal and my planner became critical to keeping track of new meds, drs, therapists, contacts, and everything in between. He was hospitalized 3 times. As he began to recover my spine health began to decline and another surgery was had. 

I began writing favorite quotes, keeping letters from my children, discussion notes from FHE, church, missionary visits, anything to find peace of mind. I laminated my patriarchal blessing, a letter from my grandfather who passed in June, and my favorite family pioneer story to place in my planner, so I had everything in my worst times of need. I keep it right by my bed in my bookcase as well as my past 3 others. 

I go back and revisit important dates, notes, scriptures and quotes to remind me of the many blessings I have throughout these difficult struggles I face. 

I value my planner so much I keep them, like a journal of my life. I have begun spreading the news of how much this planner means to me, and all I do with it. Please continue providing this wonderful planner, I'd be lost without it. 

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