2019 Mothers Who Know Planner - Page by Page

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 27th Sep 2018

Below is a page by page overview of the planner so that you can see what the pages look like and get a few ideas on how to use them.

Year at a Glance and Plan Ahead

Not gonna lie, most people probably use this for planning out church auxiliary meetings and family vacations. I prefer the latter myself but you know, to each their own. This page is designed to be able to visually plan your year and look back on the year you planned before. You can color code dates according to when things are due, how often to water your plants, when the no school holidays are, when to book your hairdresser, when you should expect Aunt Flow to visit etc. Use this in partnership with the following Plan Ahead page and prepare yourself for the ultimate aerial view of your year!

Look at all those little yummy, lined squares! This planning page goes nicely with the Year at a Glance page next-door (coincidence? I think not!). If you’ve color-coded dates on you Year at a Glance page this is where your key can live. Color-coding not really your thing? This page is great for yearly task lists like tax planning, when to plant seeds, when certain stores usually have big sales, keep track of renewal dates for memberships or auto care. You could use this for planning monthly family/personal goals or mottos or deciding who’s going to be in charge of the dishes and garbage cans each month. Anything you’d like to plan ahead for!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Have you ever dreamed of being “that person” who remembers everyone’s birthday and sends cards or never misses a bday text? Or even that super thoughtful to the point of almost annoying person who even sends happy anniversary wishes? No? Me neither, but this page is helpful for us mediocre well wishers too who just need to remember a few important birthdates. You’ve got room with these pages to keep track of family and extended family dates and friends too if you’ve got any!

Yearly Medical Appointments

This handy layout is really nice when looking back over the year and planning for the next. At an easy glance you can see how many times you visited the pediatrician for pink eye and how many copays you forked out so that you can better plan your budget for next year. There are 12 rows for each month and plenty of room in each column to keep track of appointments for everyone in the family. Keep notes of immunization appointments, never forget when you last went for a dental cleaning or optical check up and know at a glance when you need to schedule the next one. There is plenty of room here to keep notes on questions to ask for next time, doctors you preferred and those aforementioned (and pesky) copay prices.

Healthcare Information

This spread is SO convenient to have in one place!! No more searching your phone trying to remember the name of your optometrist (and pretending that you totally didn’t forget it). Having emergency numbers, pharmacy numbers and medication info is not only convenient for you all in one place but this page is a brilliant spot for long term babysitters if you’re headed to vacation bliss. One less thing to track down for grandma and grandpa, all that info is already rounded up in your MMP! Plus the symptom tracker for wintertime plagues is nice so you don’t have to keep track of every time your teen got strep or something similar to it.

Important and Handy Information

For the less than detail oriented geniuses out there (ahem, me) here is your one stop shopping experience for all those things you tend to forget and questions you may find yourself constantly asking your spouse, or the cosmos, you know, whoever is listening when you think of it. Who did we have aerate the lawn last spring? Where is the number to that hilarious plumber who helped when the dinosaur got stuck in the pipes a couple years ago? Dear, you are bugging me to no end, who does our life insurance again? What is the password to that obscure website we only order things through once in awhile but it required like 18 letters, 7 numbers, and a limerick? This layout has got your forgetful back!


Uh, actually write down a phone number? Like, with a pen? What is this, 1998? Alright, simmer down, there’s still a use for a page like this in your life! This is a super fab page for writing down important neighbor phone numbers and emergency contact numbers for when you’ve got a babysitter over or need to leave your kids in charge. If your babysitter needs to call your 9-year-old home for bed she’s going to need the number of that friend right? Or your 13 year old is babysitting and he’s freaked out by a weird noise going on outside, he’s gonna want to be able to call a nearby neighbor for rescue from that noisy piece of paper flapping against the window. So keep all those numbers right there! Or, heaven forbid, your phone crashes, you’ll want to have some hard copies of email addresses and phone numbers so you don’t have to track the important ones down.

Thank You Cards and Gifts

May I just say, I’m so grateful for this spread. Hahaha! Ok but seriously, this one is the bee’s knees for remembering and keeping track of your random acts of gratitude. Use this page for that spur of the moment feeling of gratitude when you think about writing someone a note or have the best idea of a way to say thanks but can’t execute said idea right away. Write it down here and come back to it later! The mail carrier who always brings your packages to the door with a smile and you think, I should totally get a written note of thanks from me in that mailbox one day. Or when you think of the perfect Christmas gift for teachers but it’s actually only July. Never forget those brilliant and thankful ideas you get on a whim!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Remember that one really fun game you played with those people you really like that one time after eating at that super delicious restaurant you swore was your new favorite place to eat but now you can’t remember the names of the game, that restaurant or those people? Ok that’s a bit dramatic, sure, but who hasn’t forgotten the little details like that before. This page is fabulous for these times. You can jot down new favorites you discover right after you discover them so you don’t forget. Or you can use this page as a journal type prompt to look back on and remember what some of your favorites were at any given point in your life.

Scripture Tracker

All. Those. Empty. Squares. Just begging to be colored in as you read!!! Coloring the squares as you go is a really fun way to keep you motivated to read, read, read your scriptures! It can also serve as a study help as you can color code chapters that are relevant to themes, topics, principles or whatever you’re pondering. Color chapters pertaining to faith in yellow, while prayer chapters or prophesy chapters can be green or blue. Circle chapters that were important to you this time around or make little notes in the negative spaces to help you remember at a glance some of the things you’ve learned so you can come back to it. This really sweet layout can truly make a difference in your daily scripture ritual. Plus, coloring things in is just super satisfying!


This little spread is fantastic to help you plan out your service while still leaving wiggle room for inspiration and revelation! Sometimes you might get the perfect idea for a birthday gift for a sister but her b-day isn’t for another 8 months! No prob, just jot the idea here next to her bday info. Or take note on ideas you might have for a sister or family but need more time to think on it. Keeping track here of addresses, and phone numbers along with when you last visited or chatted with a sister can help you keep touch and serve effectively just a little bit better.

The Living Christ

This familial instruction manual is supremely handy to be able to flip to on a whim. Or, if you’re more into studying, this makes it easy to highlight as you wish and make notes in the negative spaces your thoughts and feelings on the topics laid out before you.

You can choose to simply read this page on occasion or make it a point to study it or even memorize it. Use a highlighter to frame favorite lines or phrases or highlight as you memorize. Make some margin notes about the feelings you have as you study this or add your own testimony to what is declared here already.

The Graph Page

The possibilities are endless on this page! In fact, you could graph out all the possible ways to use those fab little squares! You can make trackers, loggers, lists and doodles…. Some possible things to track or log here include habits, moods, sleep, exercise, water intake, meal, weight loss, child discipline, child rewards, books read, temple work, Netflix shows to watch, social media posting, baby names, travel, groceries, spending plans, goals…endless my darlings, the possibilities are endless!

Strengthen Relationship With…

You know when you’re watching your kid throw an elaborately choreographed tantrum of emotional exhaustion on the floor and you think to yourself, “Eesh, this kid needs __________”? Or when your husband seems super short on patience and extra stressed and you suddenly recognize that he needs ___________ for dinner? Or when you’re sitting in Sunday School and hearing that Moses once won a war for theJews simply by keeping his hands up in the air all day and you realize that you have never, not once ever heard or read that story before in your life and you think maybe Heavenly Father would appreciate you picking up the Old Testament once in awhile? That’s what this page is for. Taking notes on what you know your loved people need from you.

Monthly Calendar

This is your month in a google maps view. No need for street signs and specifics just yet this is just great to get the big things down before you plan the littler things. Jot down birthdays, parties, lessons, travel dates, due dates, Dr. apts etc. The big things that later you’ll want to plan the little things around. Scribble things in the notes or empty squares ahead of time that you want to include in your month somewhere so you can plug things in as you go. Things like hair appointments, manicures, temple visits, holiday things etc. You can get the nitty-gritty of times and places later in your weekly layout.

Weekly Planner

Whoa. Nelly. Pace yourself, dear. This breathtaking spread is broken up and organized so that you can easily plan your week exactly the way you want it. Each day with its three-box option is just overflowing with customizability. You can use each box as a morning, afternoon and evening plan. Or as a work schedule, sport schedule, school schedule layout. You could try a square for your schedule, a square for the kids’ schedule and a square for a meal plan. Mix, match and make it work for you! The two-part column down the side is fantastic as a To-Do list, a grocery list, a chore list, a Don’t-Do list, or a bucket list. The lined boxes on the bottom are supreme for planning meals, or daily to-do’s, daily goals, or just notes on the day or favorite quotes. There’s a mini habit tracker up top (or an anything tracker for that matter) and lots of pretty spaces for quotes, writing, picture drawing, stickers, reminders or anything that strikes your fancy! These two pages are easily divided up for whatever you’ve got going on in your life.

Each week may require a different use of this layout or it may take you a few experimental goes to find the perfect fit. How fun does that sound?!

To-Read, To-Visit and To Check Off

Are you a list maker who lists all the lists that you could possibly list? Well listen up, welcome to heaven honey! There’s one of these pages every month and it’s great for projects, assignments or anything you need to list and be able to check off. Don’t really need a To Read list? No prob. Just slap a sticker or empty label type over that title and retitle it to something you do want. A To-Draw list or a To-Photograph list or maybe even a To-Say or Not-To-Say list.

This page is worth its weight in gold…which you would then budget on this page and then watch it glitter! I am in love with the separate columns for planned income and expenditures vs. actual income and expenditures. Like, I want to marry those two columns; it’s so real to what we actually need in our budgeting lives! The fact that this page is completely customizable makes doing all your budgeting here a snap but, if you wish some of those expenditures were already filled in for you, check out the PDF that will provide you with just that. It makes it that much more customizable! Who doesn’t love customizable?!

Matrix Page

Scratching your head on this one? Don’t be afraid, you’re about to have your head explode with possibilities of such organizational magnitude you’ll never be the same!! This is called, the Matrix Page. OOoooOOoooooOOOoo. One great use of these pages is for monthly meal planning. You can plug in your meals each day and then make shopping lists with the lined lists on the right. Split your lists into shopping for each week OR designate a spot for dairy, produce, deli, canned goods, meats etc. etc. Or split them up by which stores you need to get certain items i.e. Costco/Sams’ Club, Smiths/Harmons, Target/Walmart and Online. Not for you? There are so many other things you could do here. You can use this page for exercise plans where you plan out what you will do on the daily spread and then detail reps, weight, mileage etc. on the list side or vice versa. Or plan exercises on one side and meals on another. Use it for planning your work schedule and making goals and make your menu on the side. Make a plan for housework, scripture study, snacks, calling responsibilities, self-care, family care, homework, music lessons, sports schedules, goals on a daily/weekly scale and planning for anything. Just, free your mind.

List Page

You get this sweet page anytime there’s five weeks on your matrix page. This is a great spot for big project planning or multiple smaller projects. You could use it for redecorating or remodeling and setup a to-do list by room. Use it to list deep cleaning projects by room or by indoor/outdoor, attic/basement, upstairs/downstairs. Make a to-do list for each kid or a Honey-Do list for the man who gets things done (but easily forgets what to get done). Make it work for you! Whatever is going on in your life, this page can help lay things out so you can get to work. Don’t be afraid to leave the page blank if you’ve got nothing, then you can come back to it a month later when you’ve got a project that needs listing.

Family Home Evening

FHE just got E-A-Z! No more trying to remember who’s turn it is to give the lesson or what lesson you should have this week or how many times you had cookies for a treat. There’s a place here to keep track of assignments for the month, lesson topics, family goals and family council notes. Now take note of the Take Note spots! This is a fun area to use to jot down funny quotes or questions that inevitably happen during FHE or special memories that you’ll not want to forget. You can use these as a preparation place for things you may need to print off for a lesson, or ingredients to obtain, a child you want to council with on a certain topic or random ideas to spice up family night that you don’t want to forget. Make FHE F-U-N again!

Search Ponder & Pray

You’re going to love what this page can do for you! It’s a one-page stop to see what’s happening each week at church and an opportunity for encouragement in your studies. That foursquare looking crowd of four squares on the left? There are whole bunches of ways to make this square, well, less square. Each smaller section could be used to write down impressions you get each Sunday of the month. Or use it to jot down a brief summary of your daily scripture reading or thoughts or questions you had while reading. Try one or two squares for questions to pray or ponder, and one or two squares for answers and revelations. On the right side is an easy-peasy setup for note taking after church or a meeting and preparing a To-Do list for next week. While your child is running around the chapel like a baby gorilla with a fist full of flying cheerios and your thinking of the most brilliant things you should have packed in the diaper bag to keep him/her entertained, remember to write those brilliant ideas down here for next week! If you find the right solution to the sacrament-meeting baby cheerio wielding gorilla, by all means, let me know.

Happy New Year!

You have a new goal? K get ready to write it down, I’m going to give it to you. Your new goal is to write down all your new goals on this page. And sugar cube, I do mean ALL of them. Spiritual goals? Write it here. Educational goals? Make some and take notes. Physical and social goal making? Write ‘em down right here Honey! I especially like the wish lists included in the goal making on the opposite page because it’s ok to wish upon a Mormon Mom Planner now and then! The project wish list is my favorite for when I have a free Saturday with nothing planned (once a year) I flip over to this page and look at my project wish list and choose something from there to do! When you write a wish or goal down it becomes more likely to become a reality.

More New Year Planning

You might feel silly sitting down and answering these questions honestly but the exercise in doing it is pretty mind opening. You may be a young mom, an older mom, a woman of indeterminate age, but no matter where you are in life, you always have something to learn about yourself. That’s right, you are deep like Hermione’s bag woman and full of all kinds of surprises! Answering these insightful questions about yourself can also help you recognize hurtful patterns in your way of thinking or it could uncover some really amazing strengths you didn’t understand before. Answering these questions can help you better make the right goals for you and eliminate the goals that will do nothing for you as a person.

Lined Pages

Where to even begin on the possibilities of this one?! At the beginning and on the left-hand side of course! Ok deep breath, and here are some ideas on what to use these pages for: Journaling, note taking, trip planning, ideas, sketching, lists, memory-jotting, yard planning, doodling, party planning, poetry writing, prose writing, brain storming, brain dumping, coloring, design ideas, To-Do’s, recipes, bucket lists, dream log, story writing, lettering practice, … Phew! So. Many. Options. I probably missed a few dozen too, but I’ve no doubt you’ll think of the right one for you.


Turning to this page can mean only one thing…it’s SPRING!!! Another fun holiday planning spread! Whether you are hosting an Easter Sunday meal gathering or maybe General Conference gathering, this spread will help you keep your fluffy little Easter bunnies in a sweet little row. It’s nice also to put things in here that you’d like to try for next year (or really, really avoid next year). Jot down that cute little craft project you saw on Pinterest but didn’t have time to do so you’ll remember it for next year. Oh, and be sure to remember what Easter Sunday is all about too!

Summertime Plans

Hey you sun-kissed diva, get ready for your summertime dreams to come true! This page is for those sweet little summertime bucket list dreams to fly. Here you’ll find a little weekly outline where you can plan how your summer can look. Monday night hikes. Tuesday morning breakfasts with grandma. Wednesday afternoon picnics. Thursdays are for pools! Fridays for your hot date night and Saturdays are ever those special days, the days we get ready for…. Sunday! Skip on over to the other side and make some summertime goals for yourself and your family, there just so happens to be a section for each month AND a bucket list sized To-Do list!

Back to School Schedule

Or more appropriately, we’re Back to Scheduling School Stuff…(please insert your punctuation of choice here be it a (.) a (!) or a (dun, dun, dunnnn). I like this handy dandy little page for planning out how I am possibly going to get everyone to the right places at the right time. If you have a high-schooler, middle-schooler, elementary schooler, kindergartener and/or anybody with an early out day (or any mix of the above) you know what I’m talking about here. You can jot down each kids’ name on the left and on the right take note on when their school begins and ends each day and when they need to be at what activity after school. This is helpful all in one spot to really see how you’re going to make all that chauffeuring and carpooling work! Or you can let your kids use this page to map out their schedules and then you’ll have a copy so you’ll always know where they’re at in the day at school. On the right is a fab spot for you to make goals with your children, or goals for you in regards to each child, or just your own goals for the school year. Good luck this year and may the odds be ever in your favor that you don’t forget to pick anybody up!

Back to School Shopping List

WARNING: Do NOT use this page until AFTER the summer closet purge has taken place! But seriously, purge the closet first then use this page in all of its listing glory. Some possible uses for this one in getting ready for school is to designate each spot for one child, or one category (clothing, school supplies, lunch snacks, gear etc.) If you’re using this for making a school clothes list, write down the clothing item on the right lines and then mark down the sizes for each on the small left column. Or indicate the number of each school supply you need on the left. Or just utilize a good ‘ol check mark when you’ve gotten the things you need to have gotten. Got it?

School Info

Again, if you have kids in multiple schools this a heavenly resource. However, even if you have all kids in one school this is resource will have you seeing angels. Sure you’ve got numbers on your phone but if you can’t remember the name of your kids’ counselor what’s the point? The Extra-Curricular Activities on the bottom is a sweet spot to keep proper track of all your kids’ busy activities and info and when they happen.


You are going to gobble this page up, especially if you ever find yourself hosting thanksgiving dinner! Make this your party central for planning your feast (or planning what you need to do to prepare for a feast you’re attending) and the only hiccups you should encounter are the little family dramas that invariably unfold around the table. With a place for listing your gifts of gratefulness, a way to organize all the dishes and a cute little spot for your favorite new recipe this year you are sure to nap peacefully in your tryptophan induced coma!

Year in Review

Snippet journaling is the best! I like to fill this page in as I go. At the end of each month you can write down a highlight of the month, a struggle that was real, a memory not to forget or a super brief recap of the month’s activities. However, you could easily use your planner at the end of the year to flip through and see what you remember about each month looking back. Either way this layout is such a gem for family record keeping. It’s a keeper!

Merry Christmas Planning

Yes. Yes, it will be a Merry Christmas! If you utilize this Christmas party planning page that is. Whether you are hosting the most merriest of all Christmas parties or attending 14 of them, this is your holiday brain on paper. There is a place to either make note of whom you have asked to bring what or use it to keep track of what you have been asked to bring where. It can all get just so jolly complicated this time of year and give you such a headache! Unless of course you use this page!

Christmas Gift Planning

Don’t tell anyone, but I have a major crush on this page. I want to doodle this page’s name in my notebook and sigh whenever I look at it. If you label each little section for someone in your family and then list all the gifts you plan to give them, you have the opportunity to check things off as you make them, buy them and wrap them. So many happy check marks! Huzzah! It can just keep you so on top of things. I love that you can track down the prices of things in order to easily tally them up so you don’t go over budget. This page is worth its weight in fruit cake!

More Christmas Gift Planning

Ok, when the Big Guy comes to our house, he can tend to leave a whole lot of garbage toys in our stocking stuffers because he gets frenzied at the store. This little spot can save your Christmas morning! Help the Big Guy organize his thoughts on what meaningful stocking stuffers can be purchased before he goes to the store for them. Also on this layout is an opportunity to map out all your online purchases by website, item, price and checkmark. On the opposite side is another spot to organize what items should be purchased at which store. Feel free to make another column just for online purchases if you’re like me and desperately try to do all your Christmas Shopping while sipping eggnog in fuzzy pajamas and a reindeer hat.

Christmas Gift Planning for “Other People”

Parents, In-Laws, teachers, friends, neighbors, co-workers and secret santas…phew, there are a lot of people to gift shop for than any brain can keep track of. Sweetheart, the only thing you should be keeping tack of in your brain at a season like this is the words to The 12 Days of Christmas (and even then, those 5 golden rings are all that really matter). No matter who it is, if you’ve got someone who needs a Christmas gift from you, this is where they live until you bestow that glorious checkmark beside them. It’s an excellent way to look back at next year too so you’re sure not to give your neighbors a copy of Little Lord Fauntleroy two years in a row. That’s just too embarrassing.

More Gift Planning and Christmas Cards

If you need even more room for Christmas Gift tracking you’ll have more than enough here. Plus, here is where you can track down all those addresses you don’t have (but do now for this season and next year too) and check them off your list (twice) as you go. Or if you’re like me and you send out more cards than you do gifts, you can let your Christmas card list overflow onto the gift planning page. The only rules here are that there are no rules and you’re the boss. You got this Boss!

All About Me

Enough about everybody else! Here’s a spot just for you, a place to get your introspecting mojo on. Use this private space to prioritize your needs and wants, a place to pinpoint triggers of negativism and things that really motivate you. Use those bottom boxes for learning about yourself, or setting goals in specific areas of your life, or whatever floats your personal boat! The habit tracker up at the top is my absolute fav! I love checking off those boxes each day that I stay on track for my yearly habit of choice. Keeping a note on your pants and bust size may seem weird but if you’re like me, I forget my measurements all the time. Plus, if the hubs knows you’ve got that info there he can easily gift you that new outfit you’ve eyeing for weeks.

Together Forever

If planning be the food of love, Plan On! I’m sure if Shakespeare, the romantic ‘ol genius, knew about the MMP he’d have written that line just like that. So ladies, whether your marriage is one for the record books or one that is hanging by a slender and swinging thread this sweet little spread is something that can help you. It’s spiritual and it’s science, the more you think about someone’s strengths and ways you can serve them and spend more time with them, the more love there will be to share. Think about your hub’s strengths and jot them down here. There are prompts here to think about ways you can show love and respect for your spouse and how you can communicate better. Jot down his pants and shirt sizes so you can buy him a gift at the drop of hat. Keep track of his needs and wants and make birthday plans too. Plus, that area for date plans is fab for journaling the fun things you’ve done together.

It’s the Little Things

Oh what fun!! You have two or three choices with these customized pages (there are enough for 6 kids here!) 1. You can use this page for your own record keeping about each of your kids. 2. Let your kid(s) take over this spread as their own space. 3. Do a little bit of both. Right here on this spread you can keep records of your kids’ clothing sizes so you never have to guess while shopping for them when they aren’t with you (the only way to shop, I say). Use that monthly tracker for tracking behavior or quality time or health or whatever. The row along the bottom is a wonderful place for making goals together, jotting down ways you can help in each area or just for journaling how you see them or how they see themselves. Those little empty squares are fantastic for getting creative depending on your needs. Use each for making monthly goals (oh look, there are 12 of them), keeping notes on fun traditions, drawing little doodles or listing favorite quotes or scriptures pertaining to your particular child. Your kids will love having their own spot in this very important book they see you working in all the time.

Family Ideals

The idea here is that you’d ideally use this spread for your ideal family. Deal? This is such a fabulous activity to do together! Making some basic family rules and a motto is so fun to look back on and work on together while jotting down favorite traditions is a wonderful way to keep memories. Ok now, whoa there Bessie, look at that chore-by-zone page! I’m drooling. Clean up on aisle ‘I Love Planning as a Family’!

Financial Management Debt Elimination

Debt is such a drag on a good mood. Who needs it?! You don’t. I don’t. You’re kids definitely don’t. Use this gorgeously simple layout to visualize and conquer your debt and keep tabs on your contributions and savings. They say writing out your plan of debt attack is half the battle. Now you can wage war on that evil, growing beast and keep track of its defeat right here with your Captain, MMP.If you don’t feel the need to track these specific things, just slap a sticker over that title and rename it something you do want track down. Like how much you eat out, business expenditures or clothing purchases.

Prepare Every Needful Thing

Confession time. I mostly love this spread because I’m clueless on what to prepare for emergencies and what to have for preparedness’ sake. I just follow all of these glam prompts and use this as my brainless fill-in-the-blanks of preparation! I like to use the first line of each list to detail where everything is stored so that I don’t forget and so others in the family can find them too. Be sure to update this regularly if things get changed around now and then.

A House of Order

Order! Order! I say as I bang my pen on the table like some power-wielding judge whom people listen to and obey without hesitation. That’s how this page makes me feel (the truth of the statement is neither here nor there, it’s the feeling it gives me that truly counts). When you spread out and detail all of the tasks that need tasking in your home it makes it SO much easier to A. Do all those tasks. B. Delegate those tasks out to the servants—I mean kids. This spot is supreme for reminding you to change your air filters, have your ducts cleaned, aerate your lawn or blow out the sprinkler line. I love that spot for the quarterly and annual task list! My rain gutters will never overflow again! Oh, the order of it all!

Vacation Time

Finally, its vacation time! Although, vacations with kids usually end up more like trips with extra responsibility and brain power. I usually need a vacation just by planning for one! This spread will help you relax early for your vacay. It’s got all your packing lists ready to fill in, plus a place to remind you of your budget, what you need to do either before you go or while you’re there and a meal plan. Not to mention plenty of spaces for all your other listing and vacation specific planning needs. I kind of wish this spread came with a sandy texture and the sound of seagulls…a girl can dream.