10 Pages you won't find in any other planner

Posted by Melinda Christensen on 6th Dec 2018

Let's face it - in most cases a calendar is a calendar, right? There aren't that many ways to make a grid of rectangles unique. And most planners are just pages of rectangles.

Leafy Treetop planners are unique because they are MORE than just grids, more than just calendars and way more than just a planner. 

In fact, there are pages in our planners that you won't find anywhere else. 

Here are JUST 10 of them:

#1 - Holiday Planning Pages:

Holidays, for all their enjoyment, tend to be stressful because they require a lot of planning. A planner should help you prepare for such events and make them easier to organize. So I created holiday planning pages for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas where you can plan food, traditions and activities.

Christmas has it's very own section - where you can keep track of gift exchanges, shopping lists, and stocking stuffers. 

Super helpful and not found in any other planner. 

#2 - All About Me:

Taking care of yourself is an essential pre-requisite to being able to take care of others. Shouldn't there be a place just for you?

Use this private space to prioritize your needs and wants, a place to pinpoint triggers of negativism and things that really motivate you. 

Use those bottom boxes for learning about yourself, or setting goals in specific areas of your life, or whatever floats your personal boat! 

The habit tracker up at the top is my absolute fav! I love checking off those boxes each day that I stay on track for my yearly habit of choice. 

Keeping a note on your pants and bust size may seem weird but if you’re like me, I forget my measurements all the time. Plus, if the hubs knows you’ve got that info there he can easily gift you that new outfit you’ve been eyeing for weeks.

#3 - Child Tracking Page

As moms, most of your planning revolves around children. 

So if you purchase one of our mom planners you will find in the 'Home and Family' section (something you won't find anywhere else) a child tracking page where you can record their needs and wants, birthday plans, shoe sizes (so you can grab those pair of shoes they need and get the right size), track their monthly activities and personal concerns.

Useful, personal and only found here.

#4 - Vacation Planning

Planning and vacations are practically synonyms. Vacations require planning, especially if you want to reduce the stress and increase the enjoyment. 

Enter the vacation planning page - that you won't find in any other planner - that is so helpful when getting ready for your upcoming trip. 

It includes meal planning and packing lists, activity planning, budget, and to-do's all in one place.

#5 - Family Home Evening

It comes around every week and it's usually a scramble, right? Who is going to do what? What are we going to talk about? And what did we decide to work on last week? 

It can be hard to remember...unless you have a place to write it down. 

Each month includes an inspiring quote, a place for assignments, notes, lesson plans, family council discussion and more. There are 12 spreads - one for every month so you've got this covered. 

Plan, feel organized, and make next year the best ever for family nights. 

Our 'Mothers Who Know' (Mormon Mom) planner is the only place you can find this helpful spread.

#6 - Monthly Budget

We all know we are supposed to keep a budget. But where?

How about on this handy, monthly budget page...worth it's weight in gold. 

With the separate columns for planned income and expenditures vs. actual income and expenditures. It’s what we actually need in our budgeting lives! 

The fact that this page is completely customizable makes doing all your budgeting a snap. 

And it's only in found in our planner.

#7 - Sunday Pages

You won't find any other planner specifically focused on living your faith. 

Formerly known as the 'Mormon Mom Planner' (now called the 'Mothers Who Know' planner) it was designed to help you incorporate into your planner the spiritual aspects of life. 

It's one of a kind.

This page in particular gives you space for recording Sunday notes, keeping tabs on the weekly lessons, and to write down inspiration and 'To Do's' that come to mind for the coming week. An inspiring quote is also included. 

Sunday pages aren't found anywhere else. No other planner is centered on your faith like this one. 

#8 - Planning Matrix

Sometimes you just have a lot to plan. But instead of having to use a second planner or another notebook, you can use the in-planner 'Planning Matrix' pages. 

Great for keeping track of another schedule that you want to keep separate. It can serve as a place for you meal plans, fitness schedule, work schedule and more. I

t's fully customizable...there is one every month...and you won't find these pages in any other planner. 

#9 - Healthcare Info

'A place for everything' is one of the most common phrases I read in reviews from customers. This page, unique to our planner, is a place to keep track of doctor's names, appointments and contact info. And a place to keep track of which medication needs to be taken and when. 

You'll find it super useful for quick reference and you won't find it anywhere else. 

#10 - Journaling

One final thing that makes this planner more than just a planner is how it also serves as a journal or a book of remembrance. 

Found throughout the planner are blank pages that are useful for jotting down notes. And this particular spread will be fun to look back on in future years to remember what your favorites were at that time in your life. 


These unique pages can give you one place to keep track of everything going on in your busy mom life. And that's a lot! 

There are a lot of planners out there for women. But this planner is designed just for moms and just for you. 

Happy Planning!