I feel like this was made for ME!

Posted by Jamie Garner on 11th Jan 2019

So I am a 40 year old mom of 3, PTA president, the Stake Young Women’s Secretary, working two jobs and I have ADD. Like, legit ADD. My jobs as a Realtor and as a Cosmetologist both require planning, notes, and appointment setting. My children have lessons, and Young Women’s and Scouts. My calling requires planning and note taking as the Stake Young Women’s presidents right hand man. 

Carrying around a different folder for every aspect of my life wasn’t working. At all! I would forget, forego, or misplace everything and miss meetings, important assignments and my work was really suffering because of priorities. I had a lot of pressure on me as my husband was laid off earlier this past year. Starting all over was overwhelming for him and while my time is precious, being a support to him has been a priority.

This planner has improved my life so much. My schedule hasn’t gotten any less hectic, but I’m remembering things, staying on top of my demanding schedule and feeling more successful. With ADD it impacts my life far more than I’d usually like to admit. It can be very embarrassing. On top of everything I suffer from Fibromyalgia and the brain fog is real. Being tired, overwhelmed and disorganized had taken its toll. I love that now I have one book to take with me to all my meetings. As I sat in a meeting with Elder Bednar recently, we were seated waited for him to arrive and two friends sitting by me commented on it and I gave them a full “infomercial” tour of the planner! It was then that I really reminded myself how lost I would be without it.

My desire to be more organized is always there, like most other women I know.. I had the ability to prepare and account for Christmas gifts in the Christmas section which was just such s pleasant surprise. Budgeting, strategizing, making time for spiritual thoughts and callings... I feel like this was made for ME!