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Academic Simple Planner - Aug 2017- July 2018

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Academic Simple Planner - Aug 2017- July 2018

Even though we call this planner "Simple" don't think of it as 'basic'. It includes a lot of useful pages:



  • AUGUST 2017 - JULY 2018
  • Size: 6" x 9" and 1" thick
  • Any cover, any planner! Every cover is now available for every planner and...
  • Covers are now swappable! Remove your cover and replace it. You can order extra covers on the Accessories page. 
  • Spiral-bound so it can be folded in half or laid flat
  • Monthly tabs and dividers
  • Double-sided paper pocket
  • Zip-loc plastic pocket
  • Cute, full-color tabs with inspiring quotes, beautiful colors and room for notes.

 The planner includes:

  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Holiday Planning Pages (Traditional U.S. Holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.)
  • Financial Management Sheet for getting out of debt, tithing, and savings plans
  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Thank you Card Tracker
  • Monthly Planner (Unique and simple) with squares large enough for any handwriting, notes column and a mini preview calendar of the next two months.
  • Monthly Goals & To-Do Planning spread
  • Simple Budget section each month
  • Monthly Dashboard (could be used however you would like, ie. relationship, goals, to do's, journaling) 
  • Weekly Spread with a simple and powerful three row design. Each weekly page also includes a daily checklist for whatever categories you choose as well as note sections for meal plans, ideas and inspirations.
  • Year in Review spread
  • Note pages (2-3 pages at the end of each monthly section)
  • Back to School planning pages
  • Summer Planning pages
  • Vacation Plans spread
  • Monthly Planning Matrix (versatile spread to use how you would like, ie. exercise, meals, work, grattitude, etc.)

This planner does NOT include:

  • Family Home Evening pages
  • Sunday Pages
  • Home & Family Section
  • Scripture Chart Pages
  • Scripture quotes throughout

This planner works for everyone, but it may be especially useful to:

  • Mothers who want a cute, powerful planner that is small enough to carry everywhere
  • Those who just want to stick to the basics in planning
  • College students
  • Teenagers
  • Single women
  • Empty nesters
  • Professionals




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  • 5
    Best Planner Ever

    Posted by Tonia on 13th Oct 2017

    I love that this planner caters to the busy mom and yet through inspiring quotes, and encouragement to set daily goals, it helps us to remember what is most important.

  • 5
    Simple planner

    Posted by Shelly on 12th Sep 2017

    I bought this planner for my college daughter. She loves it! It's perfect for a college student. We are LDS and she does wish it had the LDS things in there, such as the B of M reading chart, The Living Christ and the Family Proclamation. Otherwise, it's so functional for what she needs for school.
    These planners are awesome! I can't wait to get my next planner for 2018! Thank you for such wonderful planners. It makes organization fun :)

  • 5
    awesome planner!!!

    Posted by shannon on 2nd Aug 2017

    Love this planner. The detail in this planner is awesome!! Love all the extra planning pages you get

  • 5
    Life Perfected

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2017

    My thoughts become realize when I write them in my planner, a journal of reflection. It then becomes a reality when I apply what is necessary to accomplish the things that matter most in my busy life. The results? Growth in all areas. Love the 'Home and Family' section that assists me with my aging mother, children and grandchildren. The Monthly 'How can I strengthen my relationship with'........keeps those things that matter most in perspective. The Academic Planner is a must have.

  • 5
    Best planners ever!

    Posted by Laurie Tietze on 26th Jul 2017

    I've been ordering a planner from them for 2 years now, they are the best, a place for everything and everything in its place. I have 4 kids and my life gets crazy, before I started getting these planners I had little notes all over the house and could never keep anything straight. Now, everything is in this one little book and organized, so I can find what I'm looking for, imagine that! Will continue to be a customer for a long time. Thanks!!

  • 5
    Academic Planner

    Posted by Sacha on 26th Jul 2017


  • 5
    Best Planner Ever!!!

    Posted by Debbie on 25th Jul 2017

    I have  been looking for a planner for years that has everything in it and fits into my purse. It is just the right size and I don't feel like I have to write tiny so it will fit. I actually have 3 separate planners: 1 for my family and home, 2 a place to plan and organize homeschool, and 3 for keeping track of my business and farm. Thank you so much for the planners that does it all.
    I love the little video clips of how to use different part of the month. If the idea doesn't pertain to me I useually can come up with an idea that will work in that space.

  • 4
    My favorite planner...and I have tried many!

    Posted by Kether Foisel on 25th Jul 2017

    `First of all this planner is visually beautiful. This is my third year choosing it and I am impressed each year with the graphics and the prints and the quotations. I love the weekly spread and find it to be useful and inspiring. I also love the holiday, New Year and back to school planning sections. This year's new pages are great as well. Even though I am not Mormon, I typically get the Mormon version because I like the Sunday pages and I can usually plan family activities on the FHE pages as well. This year I accidentally ordered the wrong one and boy am I missing those pages. I really used them! I like the matrix at the end of each month as well. I use it to plan out the chores for each zone of my house, so that I can do a few each day. While I love this planner and use it every day, here are some things I would love to see added:
    -I add a bill pay page every year so I can track how much I paid to each bill each month.
    -I was so excited to see graph pages at the end of some months, and disappointed to see they weren't there for every month. I wanted to make monthly trackers. I ended up putting them at the beginning of the month, but I usually use that space as a "brain dump" and have lost that space.
    -It would be nice to have Sunday pages in both planners. They both have Bible reading pages, so I think mom's who get the non-Mormon version may enjoy it. I loved taking notes in church and I'm sure going to miss it with this version.
    -I liked the beginning page of each Month last year better--the improving relationships page. It had an extra box and I used that for my "self care" goals. I miss that, too.
    All in all, I love this planner and use it every day. I love seeing how other people use it, and wish more people would post online.

  • 4
    Still in the learning curve

    Posted by Melissa on 27th Oct 2016

    I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use my new planner as well as figure out everything it's capable of! There are so many things included and I've been able to use many of them. There are some pages I won't use, but I can hopefully adapt them for other purposes. I do appreciate the attention to detail. It's nice to have all my notes and lists in one place. There is a definite learning curve and the price is a little steep for an annual planner. I'm hopeful that I'll figure out a good system because I love my new planner and would like it to become second nature to know where and how to keep track of everything I need to keep track of!