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Academic Mormon Mom Planner - Aug 2017- July 2018



Product Description

Same cute design, same great features, just formatted for moms that like to schedule around the school year. 

The 2017-2018 ACADEMIC Mormon Mom Planner:

  • AUGUST 2017 - JULY 2018
  • Size: 6" x 9" and 1" thick
  • Any cover, any planner! Every cover is now available for every planner and...
  • Covers are now swappable! Remove your cover and replace it. You can order extra covers on the Accessories page. 
  • Spiral-bound so it can be folded in half or laid flat
  • Double-sided paper pocket
  • Zip-loc plastic pocket
  • Cute, full-color tabs with inspiring quotes, beautiful colors and room for notes.

 The planner includes:

  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Scripture Reading Charts for all of the Standard Works
  • Visiting Teaching Pages to help you remember and keep track of the sisters you visit
  • Holiday Planning Pages (Traditional U.S. Holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.)
  • Financial Management Sheet for getting out of debt, tithing, and savings plans
  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Thank you Card Tracker
  • Monthly Planner (Unique and simple) with squares large enough for any handwriting, notes column and a mini preview calendar of the next two months.
  • Monthly Goals & To-Do Planning spread
  • Simple Budget section each month
  • Relationship Improvement page each month 
  • Sunday Lessons & Teaching Pages help you in your gospel study by giving you section for notes and an outline of each weeks lesson.
  • Weekly Spread with a simple and powerful three row design. Each weekly page also includes a daily checklist for prayer, scriptures as well as note sections for meal plans, ideas and inspirations.
  • Year in Review spread
  • Quotes and scriptures to inspire you throughout the year
  • Note pages (2-3 pages at the end of each monthly section)
  • Back to School planning pages
  • Summer Planning pages
  • Vacation Plans spread
  • Monthly Planning Matrix (versatile spread to use how you would like, ie. exercise, meals, work, gratitude, etc.)
  • The Living Christ & Family Proclamation
  • Family Focus Section includes pages to keep track of your children's wants, needs and individual information
  • Family Night Planning pages help you keep track of assignments and be deliberate in your preparation, as well as a notes section for family council items.
  • The Home & Family section (child tracking pages)

Pre-Order now for delivery in July. 

Product Reviews

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  1. Close all the tabs in your head

    Posted by Emily Robertson on 8th Dec 2016

    I never take time to review things but I am doing so with this planner because it really has been a life-saving find for me. I feel like the creator crawled inside my head and took notes for two years on all the things I think of that I need to do or areas of my life I'd like to track progress on, and she combined all those things into one thick, sturdy, cute binder. There are places for keeping a record for everything – common, every day things and spiritual things as well. Before I just wrote things in a dozen different notebooks and on random note pads and the backs of receipts and of course I lost my little lists constantly. And as you know, out of sight, out of mind. No Bueno.

    I've tried all sorts of planners that you can buy at places like OfficeMax and Walmart, and they are so generic with lots of useless areas. It's nice to have a planter that recognizes how complex and multifaceted a Mormon woman's life can be. And creates space to take notes on more than two children. I like the academic planner because my life cycles more around the school year that on the calendar year. It helps me get organized right before the school year starts.

    Criticisms – I wish the bookmark to mark your page wasn't five dollars. I didn't buy it and now I wish I had even though that's a lot for a bookmark. That's really it.

    One suggestion is on how I used the weekly pages we are each day is divided into three parts. You could use it just for morning afternoon and evening, but I used to go divided the type of things I needed to do. So in the top box I put scheduled appointment type things. In the second box I would put housekeeping/office to-do's and in the third box I put like things I needed to do for my calling or just church/people related to do's. I also used the 4 week planning pages with color coordinated list areas at the end of every month to do my meal planning and record grocery lists. Maybe that's what they're supposed to be and I am not a genius but I was excited to have a calendar to plan with that was desperate from my regular one. Something like that would be useful for people planning youth activities or stuff like that.

  2. Fabulous!!!

    Posted by bhjones01@yahoo.com on 3rd Nov 2016

    I love my Mormon Mom planner! I take it everywhere and am always planning. I homeschool so it is very helpful with that too! I'm glad I saw it on my cousins counter!

  3. LOVE this planner

    Posted by Haylee Moore on 1st Nov 2016

    I love this planner - they have thought of everything and it is done in such a cute way you WANT to write in it!! GET ONE!! You won't regret it!

  4. Love it for tge most part

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2016

    I LOVE this planner!! The only thing I wish it has is weekly goal pages and some more note pages for general notes each month. Other then that it is great!!

  5. This has changed my life!

    Posted by Katherine Fields on 18th Oct 2016

    I feel like I finally understand what organized people must feel like. She has thought of EVERYTHING. And it's just so pretty. I've already purchased three as gifts. I haven't been a "planner person" for years, but this one feels like it was made just for me. It's making everything in my life run more smoothly and efficiently. I don't know I ever lived without it.

  6. Best Ever planner

    Posted by Janice on 13th Oct 2016

    Has everything to keep you organized and its all at your finger tips. I will be only using this planner from now on.

  7. I love this planner!!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2016

    I love the planner expecially how you put the visiting Teacher page and all the other stuff up front. I actually thought it was taken out when I looked for it in the back. I was bummed but then when I found it is really like that you moved it there.

  8. The Search has Ended!

    Posted by Kelli Green on 10th Oct 2016

    I have been looking for this a planner like this for my whole adult life! A few years ago, I just quit looking and used my phone (and hundreds of sticky notes and papers everywhere!). A friend clued me in to this planner and I am so grateful. I love the connection with pen and paper and this has room to write down everything I could possibly extract from my brain! I'm excited to buy one of these for my daughter when she goes off to college next year.

  9. Saved My Life

    Posted by Anna on 6th Oct 2016

    absolutley the bast planner out there. I have looked for years for something to coordinate my home work school and religious life together. This planner does it all and so much more. I can keep track of visiting teaching budgets family events and in every section there is a wonderful quote to keep you going spiritually and physically. I love the way you have thought of everything that i need and its in one place. Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!

  10. All in one

    Posted by KMeads on 6th Oct 2016

    Best planner ever. Been searching for the perfect one finally found it.

  11. Almost perfect

    Posted by Nicole Walton on 29th Sep 2016

    I have recommended this planner to 5 of my friends, 2 of which have already purchased it. So, I am clearly very happy with the product. However, I wish the calendar page was aligned with the weekly page. On the calendar page wednesday is on the left side of the binding and on the weekly page its on the right side of the binding. So I get confused in my brain when I picture my calendar in my head. This could be an easy fix with moving the checklist box to the right side of the page on the weekly calendar. Then everything would align properly.

  12. Love my planner!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2016

    I love my planner. It has everything all in one book. Would definitely buy again.

  13. I love this book

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2016

    I am always trying to get organized and never quite making the mark. This book has helped me to consolidate my thoughts in my mind and put them all in one place.

  14. really impressed

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2016

    I love my new planner. Makes everything so easy!

  15. A MUST HAVE!!!

    Posted by Leslie Chong on 31st Aug 2016

    I absolutely love my planner and ended up purchasing one for my daughter as well. It has EVERYTHING I could possibly need to keep track of in 1 place. I will buy one every year!

  16. listmaker's dream!

    Posted by randa on 23rd Aug 2016

    I love this planner and have shared my joy over it with all of my friends and on social media. I am a notebook-collecting list lover. Despite living in the digital age, I have a need to plan everything on paper. Always had trouble organizing everything in just one book, though I have really tried everything, including making my own several times over. This is the ultimate list-maker's dream planner!!! The cover is extremely sturdy, and I love the strong metal coil. The pages for holidays and planning are divine!!! It is beautifully designed - the whole planner satisfies my preference to have something pretty, not just functional. There are pages for absolutely every aspect of your life (that you would want recorded). I have even found ways to use the pages that I didn't need.
    The pages have a dull, sort of recycled paper feel rather than the shiny over-processed pages I'm used to but this is probably a good thing. They are certainly beautiful though.
    The only change I would suggest would be to make the boxes and spaces larger. There is so much space sacrificed by margin and all those lovely decorative touches. Even so, this will be my go-to planner from now on. Well worth the small investment. (I have wasted so much more trying to create my own system!!)

  17. Love this planner

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Aug 2016

    This planner has been so helpful at prompting me with different organizational tasks that I haven't been active in WRITING down, like goal setting and keeping track of who has done what in FHE. I love all the different pages of this planner and it is helping my life to be MUCH more organized. My only complaint is that many of the sections are small and writing in them can be a bit tricky (especially for someone like me who is wordy), but I am adjusting to make this work. I'd definitely, hands down, 100% recommend this planner.

  18. I absolutely love this planner!

    Posted by Vanessa on 19th Aug 2016

    I have used a paper planner for many years. I have tried the condren, happy, plum paper, but this planner is by far my favorite. Lets start with the outside cover, great designs to choose from, I personally love the owls and it is very sturdy. I did have a fold or two in my corners, so I hope that they continue to hold up. Then you open to a great year at a glance, perfect for keeping track of paydays etc. I also like the plan ahead page at the beginning of the planner. It also gives you plenty of room to write important events and dates. I personally enjoy my contacts and birthdays being at the front of my planner, great feature. The monthly tabs have the month on both sides and they are very sturdy. I enjoy the great patterns through out the planner. I am not Mormon, but I am a Christian and the ability to keep track of prayers and scriptures that I read is such a delight, no other planner that I have used has had this feature and it is what really drew me toward the Mom on the go planner. There are a few sections that I covered and decorated with my own washi tape and stickers just because I am not Mormon and they did not pertain to me personally, but I think it adds that personal touch that most avid planner users like to add. The ability to plan holidays and gifts so organized is also great. Overall it is a really great planner. Much more than I expected to receive in a planner, extremely detailed and you can really tailor it to fit your life and needs due to the space offered in it. I ordered the academic planner and the yearly. I am returning the yearly since I fell in love with the academic calendar and it works much better my family life. The customer service thus far has been ok, I did have to email twice with a question, but the company did get back to me and were very kind and helpful.

  19. Good Alternative to the ECLP

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2016

    I purchased one for myself, then my sister. My friend saw mine and loved it so she purchased one for herself. It's a cute, more compact planner than the ECLP. The paper is thinner though, so my Flair pens can be seen on the other side of the page. I wish the cover options were the same for both planners. I would also like to see the Monday start option available for the academic mom planner, not just the regular planner. But it overall is a great planner and would buy again next year.

  20. Simply the Best!!

    Posted by Addie on 17th Aug 2016

    I purchased this planner two years ago and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, last year I decided to go with a more trendy planner, and regreted my decision for 11 months! Now all mistakes have been made right and I have a new acedemic for the up coming school year! I promise you will not find a better planner to keep all the important things and events in your life organized!!

  21. All in one place

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2016

    I love so many features of this planner. I tell every mom I know about it. It's really cute. It has everything I need and anticipates my needs too.
    My one big complaint is that the month tabs don't open directly to the month spread. Huge let down for me.

  22. Best Planner Ever...not kidding!

    Posted by Kim D. on 10th Aug 2016

    This has saved my house & home! Being able to see weekly and monthly at a glance, the school pages, THE FAMILY
    HOME EVENING PAGES, everything about this planner has been thought out, and I use it ALL!

  23. Worth Every Penny!

    Posted by Annie on 2nd Aug 2016

    Just amazing! It is so detailed and adaptable. I feel the burden of disorganization melting away. Thank-you!

  24. more than expected!!

    Posted by Sade on 30th Jul 2016

    I was recommended this planner by my friend. I was completely blown away by all the different organization pages. I LOVE the specialty pages in the back like back to school, Christmas lists...August hasn't even started and I have been busy getting it all out together. Love it so much!

  25. The Fact I am Using It Speaks Volumes

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2016

    I have been an avid paper calendar user for years. I used Franklin Covey Products for a long time. However, I really like the format and features of this planner a lot! It is my favorite on the market right now. Only two things I wish were a little different... Maybe a plastic ring isn't as durable, but the metal ring binding was slightly bent this last year making it difficult to turn pages and use the book mark toward the end of the year. This year I noticed the planner was a little thinner (kudos!) yet I miss the heavier card stock pages on the month divider tabs. Last year the month tabs were so "loved" the they started shredding. I wish the "future" planning calendar had more space, especially in the first three months after the end of the calendar year. Maybe make those boxes bigger and the other boxes smaller? It would make the transition to the next year easier. I am worried what will happen this year. Yet, I love the planner and will likely continue to use it for years to come.

  26. So in love with this planner!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2016

    My sister got one of these planners and I fell in love with it and had to get one for myself. I love my planner so much. It helps keep me organized in practically every aspect of my life. Thank you so much!

  27. Just what I was looking for

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2016

    This has everything I needed. From monthly and weekly outlines to monthly budgets and meal plans and church items. This is perfect for what I need it for. It has a hard cover to protect the pages along with fun and cute inserts and page designs. I love this product!!!

  28. Finally found the one!!

    Posted by Cami H. on 23rd Jul 2016

    After weeks of researching to find the perfect planner I had about given up. Then one day a coworker had her Mormon Mom Planner out. With her permission, I glanced through it and fell in love. I went home that night and pre-ordered one for myself. I absolutely love it. I love the many areas where I can personalize it with my own lists and tracking. Thank you.

  29. outstanding

    Posted by Amber Anderton on 22nd Jul 2016

    I was so excited when I received it in the mail, I immediately started marking it up with all things on my schedule all ready for this year. I'm going to love my spiritual monthly goals as well as tracking the scriptures. I love the monthly quotes too!! Love everything!

  30. Love this Planner!

    Posted by MPupukea on 22nd Jul 2016

    I love this planner! It has everything you would ever need! And I love the scripture reading parts and quotes to encourage me!

  31. Amazing!!

    Posted by Carrie on 22nd Jul 2016

    I have had many planners in the past and this was my first Mormon Mom Planner and I absolutely love it! Not only is it beautiful and helpful but it also makes me remember Christ throughout the day as I read the quotes and flip through the pages!

  32. Love this planner!!

    Posted by Lanae on 22nd Jul 2016

    I'm not a Morman Mom, but I am a Methodist Mom! I love the layout, quotes, design and extra sections in this planner compared to the Mom on the Go planner I used last year. This year I was looking for something that would balance Church/School/Work/Budgeting (basically, being a Mom) and this does just that!

  33. Beautiful and Well put together

    Posted by Jessica H on 22nd Jul 2016

    This is my third planner from Intheleafytreetops.com and I love it! This year is a slight improvement on last year as the paper is a little thicker so that pens don't bleed trough! I would and do recommend this to all of my friends when they are looking for a planner.

  34. Love it!

    Posted by BillieJo Cooper on 21st Jul 2016

    I love my planner. This is the third one I have ordered. However the biggest issue I have with the planner is the hard transition between July and August. I need to keep both planners with me. I wish there was just the July full calendar so I can be in the one planner not both.

  35. best planner ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2016

    I have admittedly never been good at keeping a planner, besides the calendar on my phone. When I heard from a friend about this planner (she'd been using it for years and raved about it), I decided to give it a shot. I cannot express my excitement as I flipped through it and then began to organize my whole life!!! She's thought of EVERYTHING in creating this planner!! I am so excited to be more organized and to have all my thoughts and notes on all aspects of my life in one place!

  36. My New Super Power

    Posted by Lori on 20th Jul 2016

    This is year two for me using the Academic Mormon Mom Planner! I feel like I have a new Super Power! It helps me organize our Homeschool days and keeps everything at my fingertips.I just love the quotes and places for Sunday notes, FHE and just about everything else! I use FiXion pens to write in my planner because life happens and sometimes the plan changes and I can erase! This planner is a dream come true!

  37. I adore this planner!

    Posted by Maegan O'Loughlin on 20th Jul 2016

    I used this planner for the last academic year and loved it so much I knew exactly what planner to get for this year. This one is even better! I love all the different planning pages and lots of room to keep all the different notes I like to write. The layout and quotes are beautiful and uplifting! It's sturdy and able to withstand a LOT of use from me without falling apart or looking worn. Thanks for the amazing planner!

  38. AMAZING!!!

    Posted by Robin on 20th Jul 2016

    I have decided that I should get a free planner for all the ones I have convinced others to buy. Many of my friends from both church and school have ordered them. I then have one of my friends put our name on it in matching vinyl!!!! This has saved my life as j started a side tutoring business in addition to teaching full time and taking care of church assignments!!! One spot for it all!!!!!!

  39. best planner ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2016

    This is my second planner and I love them! I couldn't live without it and it has become my journal in a way.


    Posted by Amber on 30th May 2016

    I dare anyone to find another planner that has as much as this little beauty does and for that price! :) I am not Mormon and I still utilize the entire planner to meet my needs. I love this planner and will always come back to it. <3

  41. in love!

    Posted by Sarah Brown on 27th Oct 2015

    My sister in law had one and i fell in love with it and ordered one right then. My daughter who is 8 wants one now. Maybe a tween or tennage one in the future?? Would make an amazing gift too!

  42. Absolutely Fantastic Mormon Mom Planner!

    Posted by Mary Ann on 7th Oct 2015

    This planner helps keep me organized. I love that there are specific LDS organizational items, i.e. Visiting Teaching Section, Sunday section (I love having the YW monthly topics already printed in my own planner!). I appreciate the scripture/prayer graph on each weekly page. It really gives me that daily reminder that I often need. This is definitely a keeper!
    I would like to see a September 2016 - December 2017 version and an option for a weekly horizontal calendar.

  43. I love this planner

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2015

    I like the format for last year 2014 school year better but overall, it's a great planner.

  44. LOVE this planner....exactly what I've been looking for!

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Sep 2015

    Love everything about this calendar. It includes everything that I need being an lds mother of 5 children.

  45. love this planner... need help using it!

    Posted by Lindsey on 11th Sep 2015

    These planners are adorable and full of good things to keep you organised! The only problem is I am not sure I know how to use it to it's full potential and could use more resources on ideas of how to best utilize it!

    There were a few problems in shipping and processing and all but one of my problems was responded to and resolved quickly!

    I'll buy from them again!

  46. Use it everyday!

    Posted by CWood on 5th Sep 2015

    I LOVE my planner and use it everyday. As a busy mom of 3 I love that I can keep all our crazy schedules organized, have my rolling To Do list handy and have my monthly/weekly view of what is to come. We are really enjoying incorporating the Family Counsel portion this year and I love getting ideas from the blog to use the new additions. The planners just keep getting better and I tell all my friends and family about it.

  47. 2016 Mormon Mom Planner

    Posted by Sam on 5th Sep 2015

    The planners are just the best in Quality, Service,
    I would re purchase these planners year after year .

  48. One Planner to Rule Them ALL!

    Posted by Jewel on 2nd Sep 2015

    I have a "planner graveyard", you know the place where all the planners you thought were going to work out, but didn't, go to spend the rest of their existence? Not only am I LDS, a mom and a military wife but I run my own very small business. Enter the MMP, it has everything you could imagine in one planner and extra spaces for your own lists, and other things that the designer may not have anticipated you needing. I literally use every single space she created with a pre-assigned purpose and even the not labeled sections! I have had to add to the FHE "this month's focus" list: “integrity” so I'm guessing there will be other values we will be adding along the way.

    For example:
    The weekly spread with the three rows of seven columns is perfect for the “funnel” planner method, which I use: top row is your “categories” (Brain Dump), middle row is “prioritize” and bottom row “schedule”. Below that, I use the extra lines for my workout record (how far I ran, what amount of time… etc) the very bottom line I write what “specials” my daughter has at school that day so we make sure she is dressed appropriately for the activity. The little grid at the top with “Prayer” & “Scriptures” I add “Cardio” and “Weights” to the two blank lines. The blank lists at the left side I use the top for things we run out of and need to buy and the bottom for things we have ordered and are waiting on. Each little blank rectangle and oval I fill with church quotes that are on my mind or things to remember!

    I’m not exaggerating that this is the ONE Planner to Rule Them All!

    The pages are a good thickness. I do use black chalk ink for my stamps and there is no bleed thru with the brand I use. I also use Stabilo 88 pens for writing and there is minimal bleed thru. So the only thing I would change is a tiny bit thicker on the pages, because the darker Stabilo have kind’va haze on the backside of the page. Very minor issue, such a minor issue that I wouldn’t even dock it a star for this. Most of the planners in my graveyard have had much thinner pages and horrible bleed thru with all combinations of inks and pens I’ve tried.

    Keep up the great work and fantastic product! I am a customer for life.

  49. Great Mormon Mom planner!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2015

    I love this planner! There are a lot of pages that contain important planning items. I love the look and the designs.

  50. Amazing!!! So happy to have now!!

    Posted by Tara Leavitt on 27th Aug 2015

    I don't know how I ever lived without this planner!! Thank you so much!!

  51. awesome planner

    Posted by Jennifer on 24th Aug 2015

    I love my academic mom planner!!! I love the extra not pages at the end of each month because I love taking notes on Sunday's!! I also love the ziplock style page and the folders. Nice addition. I wish maybe some doodling pages could be added for each month. I love to doodle with my notes.

  52. best planet!

    Posted by Celeste R. on 23rd Aug 2015

    I have loved this planner and the little details to remind us everyday! Thanks for creating this!!

  53. Love my new planner

    Posted by Robin Abbott on 20th Aug 2015

    It does have a date wrong close to the front. I think it was the first page of September. I left it on my desk at school. I have loved ask the ideas to keep me organized. I would love some ideas of what others have done on some of the pages at the end of each month.

  54. Fantastic and so helpful!!

    Posted by jeanettecwelch@gmail.com on 20th Aug 2015

    It has been so great to have this planner! It is easy to carry around and has many inspirational ideas to help me be a better mother and focus my day on the important matters. I am just learning to use it. An additional bonus would be to have a grocery list at the end of each week with menu options. There could be a place for this but I chuck my planner full with 5 young kids and their events.

  55. LOVE IT!!!

    Posted by Elizabeth Dahle on 20th Aug 2015

    I absolutely LOVE my planner!!!!

  56. awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2015

    Love love my planner!! The only thing wrong with it, I received the wrong cover for it, it's still super cute though!

  57. bulky planner

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2015

    Has some great pages to keepnorganized. However, the planner arrived late - after school started in August- so I haven't had much time to set up my planner to make it easy to use.

  58. Love the Functionality!

    Posted by She-ra on 19th Aug 2015

    This is my first time using the planner, even though I had my eye on it for a year. It was a bit overwhelming at first trying to decide where I was going to put what and how I was going to use the various sections, but having the options actually is a plus once you figure out how best to make it work for you. It has me focusing on areas of my life that I've been neglecting for some time. Design is beautiful and though I'm not a Mormon, but a Christian, I love all the spiritual quotes. My only negatives are I wish it came with a stretchy band attached to hold it close (I'm using a headband, an idea I got from another user of the planner off of you tube) and I wish the cover selection included those of the simple planner as well (why not offer all covers for every planner???). But other than that, it's great. You have a life long customer!

  59. Worth the wait and worth every penny!!!

    Posted by Amy C on 19th Aug 2015

    This planner is perfect for the busy LDS mom who wears many hats like I do. I am mom to three kids, wife to husband that travels out of town frequently, bill payer, home finance manager, gym rat, PTA President, Pampered Chef consultant, FHE planner, and so much more.. I do need to have more fun though. This planner helps me achieve all that and more. It helps me keep my priorities lined up. It motivates me to keep improving my relationships with my family and my Father in Heaven. My friends and sisters that I visit teach all have place for me to focus time on them too! I love how it helps me balance my busy schedule . The creator totally gets who I am and who I am trying to be! Love, love , love!!

  60. It is a great planner

    Posted by Kathy Naef on 19th Aug 2015

    I find that it really helps me stay organize. I love all the space for my thoughts and goals.

  61. Organize Yourselves, prepare every needful thing!

    Posted by Lori S on 19th Aug 2015

    Okay, I Love this Planner! Finally, I have one place to organize my homeschool day, budget, FHE, Sunday thoughts, so much more! I love the quotes, the colors, the VT pages, family pages, Christmas, Thanks giving pages... The size is so convenient too. I appreciate all of the work in creating the layouts! The cute stickers are a nice touch. I want to add that I wanted to color code things but felt pens scare me because The Plans often change in our family... So I found a 6 pack of awesome pens the brand is Pilot, the name is FRIXION and they are perfectly contained in the plastic pouch in my planner! They add color and are erasable! Love them!
    The ability to just add sticky notes on the conference pages, or anywhere you find you need more room, is how I will fill the need for more space to write! I just tuck blank sticky notes in the plastic pouch too. Well made and perfect for me! Thank you! Worth the price!

  62. I am in LOVE!!!

    Posted by Amber on 19th Aug 2015

    I love, love, LOVE this planner! It is a little big to take with me everywhere, but that is because it is filled with everything! I usually have notebooks and lists and pads of paper all of the place with things jotted down, but this planner has a place for everything. Ingenious!

  63. love it

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2015

    i love everything about it... except for getting to me so late.

    BUT here are my three things....

    1- is there any way you can get these out in april? i received my the first week in august, i was almost ready just to cancel and buy one at store. i need it three months ahead because that is when i plan my events and activites...
    OR 2- can you make the planners so every year has two august. for example... it starts august 2014- august 2015. that way we have more wiggle room...
    3- add more pages for the conference notes...


    Posted by Shan on 19th Aug 2015

    This is my first year using this planner and I am hooked. I love it. Beautiful laminated covers, sturdy coil, fancy weekly pages and I love all the extra family planning pages! Great product!

  65. I will keep returning!

    Posted by Jenni on 19th Aug 2015

    This is my second year of ordering this planner and I still love it as much as I did at the beginning. I've tried so many others over the years, but finally found the perfect one for my lifestyle!

  66. love it!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2015

    I love my mormon mom planner!! It was so worth the wait!

  67. Mormon mom academic plamner

    Posted by Ashley on 19th Aug 2015

    I had to wait a few days into Aug to receive my planner - but the planner itself is amazing. Melinda did a wonderful job with the layout of this planner. I'm LDS and a mom and there is nothing more I'd want in a planner. I love that this planner can be utilized as a journal, a planner , and one spot for all the lists and notes we as moms make every day. I normally wouldn't spend that much money on a planner but I will order these planners every year she offers them. Its amazing and I recommended it to several of my friends since receiving mine.

  68. Just love this planner!

    Posted by Maureen Taylor on 18th Aug 2015

    This is the third Mormon Mom Planner I have used and they just keep getting better and better. Simply the best planner on the market!

  69. ❤️❤️❤️

    Posted by ehu Mahaa on 18th Aug 2015

    I ❤️ My Mormon mom academic planner! I got it at the first of the month and I can't say enough about it! I've been able to organize my life home, school for kids and personal business not to mention remember FHE and other church callings! And I SUPER

  70. the planners are great!

    Posted by Yvonne Dillon on 18th Aug 2015

    I bought the planner for my daughter. She has 4 children of which 3 are teenagers. It helps her keep track of where everyone is supposed to be whether it be church activities or school. She loves it.

  71. I Love my planner!

    Posted by Lindsey Nelson on 18th Aug 2015

    This is a great planner! I do have a smart phone and have everything on my calendar there, but I also need a place to write it all out and see it all played out. That's just the beginning of this planner. I love planning my FHE's out in advance, it's awesome and helps me make sure we get it done! I love the new calendar that I can plan out all my meals for the month and helps me plan ahead better. It has a place to write down all my kids' clothes sizes and needs, and nice Christmas list pages, and plenty of other pages for writing things down. Also pages to write notes from Conference. It has a new folder in it that I'm really glad to have to put in important papers I need and coupons. I also like the new metal binding. I really love this planner! It's a bit expensive, but I really love how it keeps me organized! This is the 2nd year I have bought this planner and I'm planning on being a long term customer.

  72. LOVE IT!!

    Posted by Carolyn brown on 18th Aug 2015

    I am love with it. I love the patterns and it so super organizated.

  73. Favorite Planner

    Posted by aliese on 18th Aug 2015

    I absolutely LOVE the academic planner. I'm a teacher, so the August-July just works better with my calendaring. I really like the personalized touches (like being able to choose my cover) and the accessories which can be added (like the stickers and pen holder). It's super cute and allows me to organize my family life, meal plan, work schedule, and church stuff all in one place. My only complaint would be that the academic planner wasn't shipped until August. As a teacher, it would be extremely helpful to have them available for shipping in mid to late Spring.

  74. Incredible!

    Posted by Karen S Rozmus on 18th Aug 2015

    I love my planner! I am happy to show everyone and would love it if I could share with all my friends!

  75. One happy mama!

    Posted by Cher B on 18th Aug 2015

    This is the first year ordering the Academic mormon mom planner and I LOVE IT! I know there was a small shipping delay but that didn't even bother me. I have seen the planner before from my sister and friends and I knew that this was the planner for me. The creative minds that put this planner together hit it out of the park. I WILL be ordering next year and the years after that. I am one happy and better organized mama!

  76. Content is wonderful!

    Posted by Jen on 18th Aug 2015

    I absolutely love this planner! The content is well thought-out and helpful in so many ways. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that the paper seems a bit thin. I used a regular Bic-style pen and it bled through. I do not write particularly hard, but I will look to find other pens that may work. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to see them! Not too pleased about the quality of the paper, but fantastic besides that!

  77. * THE perfect planner*

    Posted by Angela Zundel on 18th Aug 2015

    The most amazing planner I have ever had. I must have one every year. My life is so much more organized! This planner is durable, functional, and has room for all the important things in my life. I adore it! I show it off to all my friends & family!

  78. Comprehensive Planner for Moms

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2015

    I've only been using my Mormon Mom "Mothers Who Know" Planner for two weeks, but so far it is wonderful. It has a nice weekly layout, separate pages for my kids' information, fantastic holiday tracking pages, visiting teaching tracking helps, etc. These "extra" pages are what sold me on this planner. I actually prefer a horizontal weekly layout, but I still purchased this planner because all the life tracking pages aren't found in any other planner. I have withheld one star in my rating only because the shipping and delivery was very late. However, it seems they are switching mailing companies so that issue might be avoided in the future.

  79. good but late

    Posted by helen on 17th Aug 2015

    I was pretty pleased with the quality of the product. I have however found a typo where the months of August and September were switched. The biggest reason I couldn't give it five stars was they promised to have the planners out in July so we could plan for August but even though I preordered months in advance i did not receive it until the 6th of August . Late.

  80. Amazing!

    Posted by Ashlee on 16th Aug 2015

    This is an amazing planner! The amount of thought and detail that has been put into these is just outstanding!! Totally worth every penny! Thank you!!!

  81. Best Planner I've used thus far but....

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2015

    I love the planner. The set up is very good and helps me to keep track of all the varied events in my world. This review would have been 5 stars except for the length of time it took from date of order to the actual mailing of the planner to me. I understand delays in printing but the delay from your receiving the item to your then actually shipping the planner seemed to be unusually long.

  82. Love this planner!

    Posted by Kim on 14th Aug 2015

    I love this planner! This is the 3rd one that I have had and seriously don't think I could go without it. I love the pocket that came in the back this time. The only thing I would add is a place to hold a pen. I know you can order one but I would like it to come with it. The delivery was a little late this time but it won't stop me from ordering again next year!

  83. such a great planner!

    Posted by Danielle on 12th Aug 2015

    This planner has so much you want in a planner and more. I've ordered these planners before but I feel like they get better and better. I really like the vertical day outline rather than the horizontal ones that have been used in the past. Love this planner!

  84. Such a CUTE, functional, well designed planner!

    Posted by Kathy on 9th Aug 2015

    I absolutely love this planner!!! I was so happy to come across this website and find a planner designed for Mormon Moms. Not only is it functional, but it is extremely cute and well made! There are so many extra places for notes and reminders too. The areas for writing in the monthly, daily, and weekly important activities are just the right size to write in, place stickers, use ink stamps, and decorate with whatever other embellishments that you might want. Plus, it has pages for listing your personal and spiritual goals. I really enjoy reading the inspiring quotes through out the planner! The inspiring quotes on each of the monthly, tabbed, "introduction" pages are especially nice! I highly recommend this planner!

  85. Dissappointed

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2014

    I purchased the Academic planner. It took over two weeks for shipment to arrive. It said to expect 5-7 days. I guess it was on back order but no one ever let me know that. When I received the planner, several of the pages were in the wrong order. I requested a replacement which they agreed to but I never received that. The planner is cute, but pretty expensive. It's also a lot bigger than I was hoping it would be. I hate to write a bad review, but I probably won't be buying another one again.

  86. Love this planner!

    Posted by Quin on 5th Oct 2014

    I really must say that I love this planner! It has helped me so much! I also ended up getting one for my girls. I love that this one is scheduled for the academic year, which for me as a homeschool mom helps tremendously! Ok so there is only one thing I would like to see for next year. I would like more space to write conference notes. I'd like to see an extra space in September for the Woman's Conference notes. I use the spaces provided for each month already for other notes and activities and so I feel like I have no space to write my notes from conference. The spaces provided for conference in October I also feel like I need just a little bit more. I'd like to see a page per conference session. Like a front page for the Saturday AM session and a back page for the PM session, then another front page for Sunday AM session and back page for the PM session. That so far is the only thing I'd like to see added. Other than that I absolutely love this planner! Buy it! You won't be sorry!

  87. Works great and is really fun and cute!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2014

    I have really enjoyed having this planner, I admit that I am not organized enough or apparently on top of things enough to use all the pages offered, but I appreciate that I could be better - the reason I decided to get this planner! I do wish that when you pulled the tab for each month it opened to the monthly calendar. I have acutally glued the first page of each month to the divider so mine does open to the monthly calendar first. I think I would also place the extra pages, other than the weekly pages at the back of the month instead of the front. Maybe I need to get the non-mormon planner!!! I wanted the FHE planner pages, but not a lot of the others. But I think it really is a great planner and I LOVE, love, love the holiday planning pages you get, especially the gift lists!!! I see the new version has a bookmark which would be amazing to have, right now I just use a little sticky tab to get to my date quickly.

  88. Great all in one planner!

    Posted by Lea on 30th Sep 2014

    Love having one place to track everything. Plus I love the inspirational quotes and design. Very cute and functional planner.

  89. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2014

    Love the book

  90. Awesome Planner

    Posted by sK on 25th Sep 2014

    I had been using a 'mom planner' from Chapters and thought it was great for 3 years, even gave it away as a present, but then I sat next to someone who had the Academic Mormon Mom Planner and my standards were raised. I love this planner. It has a place for everything. Great design.

  91. LOVE My Mom Planner

    Posted by Kari on 6th Sep 2014

    I absolutely love this planner. I can keep track of all my families activities. As well as work on becoming closer to my Heavenly Father. I love that it has Visiting Teaching Stuff, scripture reading, etc...

  92. Love my Mothers Who Know planner!

    Posted by ThankfulLT on 5th Sep 2014

    The inside is just stinking cute with all of it's design and color. Enjoy all the places that I can keep important notes and thoughts on all the things that really matter. Thanks for creating something so wonderful, useful, and very fun to use! BTW - the customer service is fantastic!

  93. Helps me Focus!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Sep 2014

    This planner keep track of everything my brain needs to focus on! both temporally and spiritually. The most important things in life (that often don't get attention as they don't always feel urgent) are brought to the forefront and I am reminded of them more often.

  94. Absolutely love

    Posted by Cecilly on 3rd Sep 2014

    I use this planner, although I'm not a mom. I absolutely love how thorough it is, including sections for tasks that I normally would forget or end up making a list for elsewhere. It is well worth it!

    The site owners are very accommodating to work with; I had purchased a PDF version but encountered printing issues and they issued in-store credit. Their service sold me to the product even more!

    I would highly recommend!

  95. What a beautiful (and functional) planner!

    Posted by Wendy G on 3rd Sep 2014

    I am totally in LOVE with this planner! It is beautifully designed and I couldn't be happier! I love the flexibility of the weekly pages, and all of the other pages are just icing on the cake! :) Thank you for designing such a beautiful and well-organized planner...

  96. Best Planner Ever!

    Posted by Aliese on 3rd Sep 2014

    I've been a combination of teacher/wife/mom for eleven years and have tried numerous planners. This is, by far, my very favorite for organizing all elements in my life in ONE place. I have used the Mormon Mom "regular" calendar planner as well, but was SO pleased that an academic one became available since that's what my year tends to revolve around when it comes to planning. Thank you so much for creating a useful, CUTE, compact planner.

  97. Absolutely love it!!

    Posted by Leanna on 2nd Sep 2014

    This is an amazing product! I use all the pages. It keeps me so organized and on top of things without a gazillion papers around the house

  98. i love my planner!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2014

    I use it everyday, it keeps me focused on my priorities! Thank you

  99. Love it!

    Posted by cristina arnold on 23rd Aug 2014

    This is by far the best planner I have ever owned. I know it costs more than I normally spend on a planner, but wow! If your an LDS mom, it's prefect. I got the black one with the red flower on the front. I like being able to check off my exercise, scripture reading ect for each week. Had plenty of room for menu planning and notes you want to write down:tons to do lists. Very pleased with this product. :)

  100. loving it!!

    Posted by michelle on 6th Aug 2014

    I was so happy to hear about the academic planner!!! I found out about the planner too far into the year to be very useful. I love the 3 seperate weekly calendars. Also, the want/need list for each child. However, I need a larger space for a shopping list. Also a more generic section for budget. I want to keep track of everything I spend on a list. But, by far my life is so much more organized!!! Thx!!!

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